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The Secrets to Good Manscaping

The Secrets to Good Manscaping

If you’re a well groomed man, it’s likely you know how to take care of your hair. Hair, obviously isn't limited to just your face and head, and like everything there’s a different process to dealing with hair in different parts of your body.

For starters, beards have their own requirements, as does hair on your head. Depending on the environment you’re in, you need to be dealing with your grooming in your own way.  Some guys like to commit a 100% to the natural way of growing their beard, some guys prefer to do the 1920s moustache, while some guys just prefer the clean-cut, timeless look.

But regardless of what you look like on the outside, it’s the inside that really makes a man. Especially when it comes to your junk…excuse me, your intimate area. Men’s intimate region can often be a cause for some discomfort, physically as well as mentally. Fortunately, the mental barrier is one that you are in control of. You have to simply change your mindset when it comes to intimate hygiene and care. To take care of the mental barrier is really quite simple.

 Practical steps to deal with any physical discomfort is a whole other story. “Manscaping,” or trimming is undeniably a part of this.


The big secret to manscaping relates to intimate hygiene, though. If you're already on the intimate wash boat, then you’re halfway there. Cleaning yourself below the belt requires the use of an intimate wash first and foremost. You need to be delicate, massage (not that way) yourself and take your time down there. 

When you're done, dry yourself out and then proceed to pull out a trimmer. For the bush, you can use a pair of scissors to begin with, and then proceed with the electronic trimmer. When you get down to the delicates (the balls – pardon my French), for heaven’s sake don’t use the trimmer. Chances are you’ll cut yourself and might need a quick trip to the doctors to prevent further bleeding. Nobody wants that.

Some people advise using a top quality wet razor and drowning yourself in shaving gel. Controlled strokes (again, not that kind), some love and a lot of devotion, and you will be smooth as silk down there. It’s not rocket science. The secret to good manscaping lies in what you do before and after, and for both the answer is right here. Everyone likes to have their own routine when it comes to dealing with their bush, so don’t worry too much.

But make sure you’re doing the right thing and use the right products. Shaving burns that occur on your face are more than likely down there because of the sensitivity of your skin down there. So make sure you’re loaded up on the right products and you take out the time everyday to use them.



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