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Every Beard Growth Tip, Trick and Tool out there & More! The Definitive Growth Guide.

by Rohan Krishnan 27 Apr 2021 0 Comments


You’re here because you want a thicker, longer beard. Right? Long story short, by the end of this article, we’re going to tell you that the secret ingredient for the beard of your dreams is patience. Gonna leave now? What’s the point? You’re not going to find a better ingredient anywhere else on the internet. There isn’t anything out there that’s going to immediately sprout hair on your face where there otherwise was none. It’s impossible. Go ask your Dad when he could grow a full beard, and its more than likely that you’ll follow a similar trajectory. There, we’ve divulged the secret. We’ve told you what no one else in the industry will. But there are a few things you could do, and if you stick to them, are consistent and wait it out, you could end up with a thicker beard earlier than planned. Does this buy us some more of your precious time? Alright, what you could do is leave this tab open and look around a bit more before circling back. But we promise you, everything you need to know about beard growth is right here.

In this article, we’re covering how effective beard growth oils are and the science behind beard growth. We’re busting beard growth myths, and we’re reviewing strategies behind growing your beard. We’re even going to drop some cool beard growing communities which you can join to share and read about some great beard growth journeys from men of different ages from around the world. This article is going to leave you pensively stroking your naked chin, which is great, because it just might stimulate some beard growth.

The Science Behind Beard Growth

Fancy yourself as more of a disciple of Darwin than a student of Socrates? Alright, we’ve got some science for you. This science is all about body hair. Let’s get into the thick of it.

Heard of DHT?

Dihydrotestosterone or DHT is an androgen hormone that’s responsible for beard growth. In fact, it’s the primary hormone responsible for the growth of androgenic hair, i.e. body hair (not hair on your head though). You won’t find DHT listed as an ingredient on the back of products, so you’ll have to look for ingredients which contain DHT. Lather on enough of these, and you’ll find yourself with a denser beard.

Here’s the tricky bit with DHT.

Although it helps you grow a beard faster, it is also responsible for androgenetic alopecia or male pattern baldness. That’s why men go crazy over DHT. You don’t want anything DHT related on your head. But you do on your beard. Which is the perfect segue into the myth busting we had promised. Using a DHT-Blocking Shampoo, or a hair growth shampoo on your beard is NOT a good idea. DHT blocking is good for the hair on your head, but it has the opposite effect for the hair on your face.

So how should you go about procuring DHT for beard growth? We’ve got some tips, but let’s give you the scientific foundation you crave first. 

Dream Beard. Beard all 'roided up. Big, thick, juicy beard. Beard for Days. I wish I had his beard.

The beard goes without saying, but phenomenal moustache on this guy^

How is DHT made?

An enzyme present in our body called 5-alpha reductase (5AR) converts testosterone to DHT. If beard growth were a business, Testosterone would be Anil and DHT would be Mukesh. DHT is way more easily available to the body to use, 3-10 times more potent and much more interactive with the receptors in our body which lead to facial hair growth – androgen receptors.    

With this info, you now have different avenues through which you can promote beard growth. You can increase the activity of 5AR which converts testosterone to DHT. You can increase testosterone levels so that there is more available to convert into DHT and then you can also search for ways to increase the activity of your androgen receptors. The basic idea being that you want to make everything conducive to producing DHT. If you do, then you’re golden.

A good source of DHT?

Beard Growth Oil

This is a little tricky, so we’re going to keep it as simple as possible. Some oils are good for your beard whereas others aren’t, and this is largely dependent on the way their fatty acids are composed. 5a – reductase is inhibited depending on the length of the carbon chains in these fatty acids. We won’t go too deep into the subject (if you want to, go here for a great read), but you can rest assured that jojoba oil is a great beard growth oil to use because it is composed of just the right fatty acids, making it a proponent DHT and a great carrier oil. Some oils you may want to avoid for maximum beard growth? Coconut oil, pumpkin seed oil and emu oil. Our beard growth oil? Jojoba. Check it out, right here

Jojoba methinks. Great Beard Growth Promoter and DHT heavy.


Naturally, you can also get your hands on some food to help you increase your DHT and testosterone levels. An article published in the Journal of Translational Science found that DHT and free testosterone levels increased by 21% and 14% respectively in men having alfalfa. Sprouts that help you sprout a beard. Kind of cringe-y, but weirdly compelling. In India, alfalfa is popularly known as rajko or rijka. Some other pro-DHT food for beard growth include olive oil, sorghum, raisins and coffee. 

A good source of beard growth?

Minoxidil – This is the big one. Minoxidil is heavy linked with beard growth and YouTube is filled with people with very sparse and patchy beards who’ve experienced a visible increase in their facial hair by using it. Minoxidil is FDA approved, and apparently has very few side effects, so it is something you could look at. But even Minoxidil requires patience and consistency. To experience the best results, you’ll need to apply 1 ml of minoxidil on your beard twice a day for 4 hours. For how long? 1 whole year. Could be longer or shorter depending on genetics, but usually people try to continue for a year for permanent results. We’re going to put a little disclaimer here though – our products themselves don’t contain Minoxidil and we suggest you speak to a medical professional before undergoing any treatment with minoxidil. The stuff we’ve put up here is purely for educational purposes and before going any further, you should consult a Doctor/ physician/ general practitioner. If you’re interested in learning more, here’s the absolute holy grail when it comes to self-treatment for beard growth with Minoxidil. Check it out to learn more about different studies conducted on minoxidil and beard growth, the “Rogaine Experiment” for beard growth and a study on 48 men between the ages of 20 and 60 which proved that minoxidil would result in beard growth. If you want, we’ve added a direct link to the study right here. You’ll have to purchase it, so we suggest you check out the blog instead. 

How to get the best results from your Beard Growth Oil?

Derma Rolling for more Beard Growth, Micro Needling for more Beard Growth

Micro-needling/ Derma-rolling

Fancy yourself as a bit of a masochist? Why not try micro-needling, also known as derma-rolling. There are all kinds of ways of describing the derma roller, from activating and stimulating to downright titillating. Derma rollers have been shown to improve the quality of your skin and also to be one of the best methods to increase beard growth when combined with a DHT enhancer. They’re multi-purpose and have definitely been shown to work through a variety of studies and even a bunch anecdotal YouTube evidence. Using a derma roller along with beard growth oil is one of the best beard growth tips we can give you. A good derma roller will be most effective with minoxidil or a beard growth oil and a study has even found that it makes minoxidil application extremely efficacious.

A 12-week study was conducted with the help of 100 men from Bombay aged 20 to 35 with Androgenetic Alopecia. The men were divided into 2 groups, one which used only a 5% minoxidil lotion and the other which used a 5% minoxidil solution along with weekly micro-needling. At the end of the 12-week period, it was found that the micro-needling group had a significant increase in hair count when compared with the other group. Check out the study, published in the International Journal for Trichology here.

Myth: Minoxidil is a DHT Blocker.

If you’ve been reading keenly, and even took the time to go check out some of the studies/ blogs we’ve linked you to in here, we know what you might be thinking. How is it that minoxidil helps beard growth and hair growth? It’s because minoxidil doesn’t have anything to do with DHT. It’s a vasodilator that allows for the easier passage of nutrient and oxygen rich blood to your hair follicles.

More tips for beard growth

Tips and Hacks for Faster Beard Growth, Thicker Beard Growth

Massage your face. This is for largely the same reasons that minoxidil is good for beard growth; blood circulation. A nice, quick face massage will achieve to some extent what minoxidil does for you. By increasing the blood circulation to your beard roots and follicles your cheeks receive nutrient and oxygen rich blood. When nourished like this, beard growth is stimulated. Also, it feels bloody great, so give it a shot to increase beard growth, decrease stress and send your broody-pensive look to the next level. Consider using our solid wood Sheesham Beard Comb to give your beard a quick brush every morning and evening for the best results!

Beard Growth Stories and Communities

Now, all of these tips are effective but do require a lifestyle change and lots of patience. Results will only show quickly in some cases, and even in those cases we’re talking about a strict routine, consistency and at least a month’s effort. Because all of this may seem overwhelming and honestly quite difficult to do alone, we suggest that you follow some of the best beard growth communities out there. Places like MinoxBeardSpot and Jefff’s Beard Board are great, and have an active community too. Go through them to find similar stories and even share your own. You will find strength in community that will help you push on, and very helpful and experienced beard owners who share their insights into healthy beard growth. The tips never stop.

To check out beard growth oils, beard softeners, beard washes, and even derma roller-powered beard growth kits, check out our Beard Page on our website. Click here!



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