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6 Reasons Cold Showers Are The Obvious & Only Way To Go This Summer

by Rohan Krishnan 05 May 2021 0 Comments

With summer approaching it's only natural you switch off the geyser, but we're in Delhi and we wouldn't need our geysers if we liked hot showers anyway. When the temperature heads north of 40 degrees, the water that pours out of most of our shower heads is steaming hot anyway. But our sincere appeal to all of you is to turn your shower knobs all the way to the left, and at least try to have a cold shower.

Here's a short list of reasons why:  

Cold showers wake you up
If you want to wake up every day like you're playing the IPL final (its just a dream, no one is), have a cold shower. It'll have you huffing and puffing away and that rush of oxygen to the head is going to wake you up. You'll be more alert, have an increased heart rate and you'll only need a few minutes in the shower to feel completely refreshed. Bonus tip - You'll also be dealing with any morning puffiness when you have a cold shower, which should do a lot to suppress any inflammation you're dealing with.

Boost your testosterone, stay alert, and feel fresh with an ice cold shower.

Cold showers increase your metabolism
When it comes to losing weight, we think you could use any tip you get, and this one adds a nice passive weapon to your weight loss arsenal. Certain hormones in your body and even your gastrointestinal system are affected by cold water in a way which is conducive to your body's ability to lose weight. Also, there are certain cells in your body that generate heat when affected by a cold stimulus by burning fat. Guess where most of these cells are located? Around your upper back, shoulders and neck. Exactly where the water hits.

Cold showers fight off the common cold
This is a big one. Having a bath in cold water every day could even keep the common cold away. Not to mention a study has even shown that colds can keep cancer away. And a clinical trial conducted in Netherlands even found that people who took a cold shower everyday reported in sick far less often. Hey, if you have a cold shower every day you can just report in sick without being sick. More time for fun! 

Increases happiness
Who would've thought that a cold shower can get you what money can't? That's right. Who needs friends when you can just hop in your shower. The perfect fix for your isolation meltdowns and lows is here. Cold showers have been shown to increase the endorphins in your system. A study showed that having a cold water shower 3 times a week for 5 minutes could help alleviate symptoms of depression.

Cold Showers are good for you. Some benefits include improving your body's ability to cope with oxidative stress

You'll become more resilient
We're basically all Sisyphus, carrying the boulder of 2021 on our shoulders. Next time you feel insurmountable angst and existential dread, don't light up some candles and draw a warm bath. No. Get in the shower, spread your legs and embrace the cold like a goddamn arch-angel. Because repeated exposure to oxidative stress created by the cold, will help your body get used to it. You'll have ice flowing through your veins, cool calm and collected. Check out this very cool study done on winter swimmers & their capacity to deal with oxidative stress (the daily damage our body takes) for more.        

Cold showers will help you heal faster
You'll see footballers jump into ice-baths after their games are over because they help a lot with recovery. A review conducted of several studies on cold water immersion stated that "cold water immersion is effective during acute periods of match congestion in order to regain performance levels faster and repress the acute inflammatory process.” A cold shower will help you recover, so you can head back to the gym and perform at your highest levels. More gains for you.

So have a crack at cold showers for the rest of the year and if you want to feel even fresher, why not try our range of Spruce Shave Club's natural shower essentials






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