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Why Are We Special?

Designed For Men

Designed For Men

All our products are carefully designed and crafted by experts to deliver the smoothest & finest grooming experience for men

Essential Oil & Extracts

Essential Oils & Extracts

Our products our enriched with herbal extracts and pure essential oils to ensure that you only get safest products with an abundance of beneficial properties

Not Tested On Animals

Not Tested On Animals

We care about all species and only develop products that are not test on any animals

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“ Spruce have better quality shave sets , before trying this brand I use to prefer gillete razor sets but after purchasing spruce sets , my attention is diverted towards spruce. ”

Pankaj Sharma - 5X Shave Set

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What Is a Pre-Shave Oil?

By: Aman Sridhar 27 March, 18
Pre-shave oils are a term being thrown around everywhere on the Internet these days. Shaving forums, Reddit threads and Facebook posts. Yet nobody truly knows what they are, do they?...

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