How to use a moustache wax the right way

Jan 08, 19
How to use a moustache wax the right way

You may have learnt about moustache waxes quite recently, and like any good cosmetic product, it’s important to also understand how to use them.

Moustache waxes like hair gels can be quite tricky to get right. You don’t want to run the risk of using too much and looking like someone who has been bathed in wax. There’s no bigger turn off than someone who looks like they’ve used too much product. 

The balance to find the right amount can be achieved, however, it’s just about learning how to do it.

Warming Up

Just like how an athlete warms up before exploding with a powerful performance, it’s important that you warm up your wax as well. The consistency of wax can often be hard, especially in the winter time, so instead of struggling to take out some, you can simply warm your tin up before.

I don’t mean putting it in a microwave. There’s a much easier, less hazardous options. Take a mug and fill it with hot water; and I mean hot water! 

Throw your tin in there for 2-3 minutes, and carefully remove it after.

This is one of the most important steps because when you warm your wax up, you allow the oils to mix with each other, thus in turn allowing yourself to get the best out of the great ingredients you paid for. 

Choosing the right amount

Like we emphasized earlier, it’s important you don’t take too much. A good reference can be the size of a peanut. You want to take a bite sized amount with your forefinger or thumb and begin rubbing it well between your palms.

You want to rub it well enough for it to feel smooth. Should there be any bumps on the wax, make sure you smoothen them up before you apply it to your face. 

How to correctly apply it to your face

The big thing with moustache waxes is that you want them to be evenly spread out onto your moustache so that you can achieve that envied curl. Begin at the center of your moustache before moving to the outer reaches.

By doing this your going with the grain if you will. Your moustache hair grows a certain way, and you want to accentuate that, but also give it some style and direction. Continue caressing your hairs towards your desired style.

The handlebar moustache is coming back in a strong way today, and if that’s the one you want to go for, move from the center towards the edge and curl your moustache upwards towards the edges.


Stay patient and wait for the magic to happen.

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