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The Importance of Intimate Hygiene

The Importance of Intimate Hygiene

We’ve all got issues when it comes to taking care of our ‘intimate’ area. It’s one of those parts of our body that we’re not often comfortable with confronting, whether it’s simply talking about hygiene, or whether it’s actually going out there and purchasing a product that’s going to ease the burden (or in many cases, smell). 

But that’s why you’re here.

You’re going to learn everything you need to know about hygiene and sanitation when it comes to one’s abdominal region.

The difference between your intimate area and the rest of your body

The most understated and often ignored fact about our intimate region is that the Ph balance down there is way different than the rest of the body.

If you’re uninitiated on the importance of Ph balance, read this article. In it, you’ll learn about what Ph balance is, how it affects your skin, and why using the right products can help you improve your overall glow.

Just like our face, our intimate areas are more sensitive than the rest of our body. Sensitivity, doesn’t necessarily reflect sturdiness. So despite our intimate region being able to withstand a ‘beating,’ the skin is more sensitive. It requires more care. It’s quite important to treat the area with products and ingredients that can help prevent infection.

So a regular body wash is more attuned to the ph level of your torso, your arms, your legs etc, but since our abdominal region by nature is more sensitive, you do need a product that is for lack of a better word, sensitive, to the area.

The long term effects of intimate hygiene

The problem that most men face when it comes to our intimate area, is that we’re too uncomfortable talking about it. This behavior thus translates to all parts of our life.

So when we may be experiencing some discomfort down there, we refuse to go to the doctor and get it checked out. It’s an uncomfortable experience, and we’re often scared of what the results might mean.

More often than not, it’s a minor rash that could have been avoided.

Here’s where intimate hygiene comes into play. If you had been carefully and consistently using an intimate wash, you could have probably avoided such an event. 

In the long term, intimate washes play a huge role in simple things like presenting rashes and infections from developing down there.

Additionally, intimate washes allow for a cleaner area, which in turn can have drastic effects when it comes to your performance in the bed. But more on that later.








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