3 biggest mistakes you make when using face washes

Jan 10, 19
3 biggest mistakes you make when using face washes

The problem people face (no pun intended) with face washes is that we tend to not appreciate the value of them. It’s easy to do a cursory wash in the mornings when we’re in a rush without really paying attention to what were doing.

This strategy can do more harm than good really, so pay attention to the biggest mistakes people make when using face washes.

Not using the right one

This one is the biggest and most common mistake people make with face washes. People have been becoming more aware of things like face washes, peel off masks and health in general. This is a good thing.

But too often we get caught up in the rush of our routine, which in turn forces us to make rushed decisions rather than rational ones.

That’s why when it comes to face washes, instead of running to the nearest chemist and picking one off the rack without reading and understanding the chemical make up, you need to be looking out for the key ingredients that go into making a face wash effective.

So take your time and think well about your decision for the kind of face wash you're going for. We can save you time, though, here are some really good options.

Using the Right King of Water

Hot water is the tempting thing to try and go for since it feels so bloody good, especially in the winters. But the last thing you should be washing your face with is hot water. Think about it, you’re using a face wash filled with essential oils that undoubtedly benefit you. But at the same time you’re using dryness inducing hot water. 

Hot water dries your skin out, but also strips it of all essential oils.

Personally, I like using ice cold water before I apply the face wash on, because it tightens up the skin. You can skip this step, however, but don’t make the mistake of using hot water. Lukewarm water is the secret ingredient. 

Being too rigorous

The right way to applying face washes isn't to scrub and peel your skin off. You want to be firm, but also gentle. Counter-intuitive, I know, but hear me out.

The gentleness and care comes in with the amount of time you spend applying it onto your face. You want to make sure you're not rushing through this part. You want to do at least 2-3 rounds of your face.

The rigour comes in the spots that are more prone to acne. Be careful in that you're not popping any pimples or zits that have developed. But also make sure you're taking care of the spots where acne tends to appear more. 

Be consistent with your use, and you will undoubtedly start to see the results of a quality face wash. 

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