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This is The Biggest Key For Model-Like Skin

This is The Biggest Key For Model-Like Skin

There’s a term in grooming and skincare that’s somewhat familiar to everyone, yet strangely confusing to them.

This term happens to be the key that will allow you to find that sweet spot when taking care of your skin.

It’s probably the most important part of grooming that almost everyone unconsciously neglects.

It’s called pH balance.

What does the pH balance mean?

For those of you who didn’t pay much attention during chemistry in school, I’m here to give you a quick recap about what the pH balance actually is.

The pH balance is set on a scale from 0-14, where the lower the number, the more acidic the substance.

As the hydrogen ions increase, the number scale goes down, thus increasing the acid levels.

Finally, while 7 is neutral on the scale, it doesn’t necessarily mean that it’s the right balance.

Now that we’re done with chemistry class, let’s get down to brass tax.

In order for you to understand how you could use the pH balance to gain an unfair advantage in skincare, here’s what you need to do.

Dig Around and Discover Your Ideal Level 

This is probably the hardest thing to do.

We’ve all spent years of our lives living in darkness about what our skin actually needs. So spending time to try and find what's the optimal pH number for your skin is going to be painstaking. 

Luckily for you, we’ve done this bit for you.

Naturally, everyone’s skin is acidic, hovering between 5-6 on the pH scale. Research also shows that it can go down to the late 4s as well.

While there is no direct indicator to show exactly what level you are on, being aware of this bit of information is important to maintain things at an optimal level.

Knowing When Things Are Off

Your skin will begin to show signs of imbalance when it’s inflamed.

Dryness and increased sensitivity in general or also major indicators. When you start to experience these things, know that your skin has shot up in alkaline levels.

Redness, oiliness and increased levels of acne are signs of acidity aka lower pH levels than normal.

A lot of acne creams are overused in hope that it clears your face out faster, but due to the acidic nature of these creams, what ends up happening is the oiliness and irritation goes up and thus acne increases.

Strive for Healthy Skin Always

This is obvious, isn’t it?

By taking good overall care of your health, you’re going to be making sure you find that balance.

We’ve all experienced times when our skin has felt smoother than snow, when everything feels right.

Your confidence naturally increases as a result of this and thus you feel yourself ready to take on the world.

Make sure the products you use in the shower are neither acidic or basic. In a way you want to find something that’s completely bland.

It’s hard to pinpoint and find something that is perfectly unique to your skin, so the important thing is for you to make sure your mitigating any adverse effects.

Skincare is probably the most under appreciated of all healthcare. Now you’re stacked with an arsenal of knowledge that will get you that model-like skin.


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