What is a peel off mask and why you should use one

Peel off masks are the new trend in grooming and skin care these days and with good reason. If you're living in a city, it’s likely that your skin is going to get damaged everyday with the amount of pollution and dust you feel daily. Peel of masks are face masks that help clean out your skin, and should be a key...

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The biggest thing you need to look out for in a face wash

Previous knowledge surrounding face washes is now antiquated. The wonderful thing technology allows us is the instant access to information. That’s what brought you here, didn’t it? With information comes...

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Spruce’s Guide on How to Use Beard Oils

It’s extremely commonplace for men to be using essential oils as a part of their skincare routine these days. Whether it’s pre-shave oils as a precursor to your morning shave, or beard oils in order to accelerate growth and style your beard, these essential oils are everywhere these days. We recently talked about the importance of beard oils, and why you need...

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3 Ways to Stay Fresh During A Long Work Day

The cool, winter weather may have gone on a little longer than we expected this year, but the summer has undoubtedly arrived.   Here's what you can do to stay fresh during a long work day.  

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Here’s how to use a pre-shave oil

Before you go ahead and purchase that entire rack of pre-shave oils (and trust me you will want to once you see the range of products), there’s a few things you can do to prepare yourself first. Here's what they are  

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