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4 Foods to Keep You Warm This Winter

by Aman Sridhar 18 Jan 2018 0 Comments

We’re in the throngs of the winter already and that means earlier sunsets and later sunrises and driving at 20km/h through intense smog while breathing through an oxygen mask.

And yet, winters in India are probably the most wonderful time of the year.

It might be slightly harder to wake up in the mornings, but the thought of a hot chai and a sizzling meal makes that process a whole lot easier.

Nothing beats the satisfaction from having a meal warm up your insides and reinvigorate you into attacking the day.

So here’s a list of the best foods you can eat during the winter.

Masala Chai

You already knew this was going to be on the list.

The beautiful thing about the winter is the appreciation you begin to have for the plethora of road side stalls that serve you chai and a samosa.

No matter the city, this is one thing that you can find on every road, and the nostalgic feeling associated with that cup of road-side chai is something that cannot be beaten.

Some of my favourite times to have one is right after lunch, or just as I leave work for home.

The chai helps re-energize you, and while it may not be the exact kind of cuppa you have at home, it’s that heavily sweetened difference that really makes it great.

Aloo Parantha

Another winter staple, and for good reason. It’s not news anymore that foods warm your body up during the winters, none more so than potatoes do.

Another easy to find food that’s such a staple part of the diet, especially up north.

It’s really hard to find a better combination than a good fat aloo parantha with some mango achaar to eat with it.

Keep your eye open literally anywhere and you’re guaranteed to find a stall that serves you a beautiful, and filling meal to keep you energized throughout the day.



Winters are an easy way to put on a few extra kilos because you end up losing track of just how much you’re eating when everything you scarf down is just so friggin delicious.

That’s where fruits come in. Winters are fruits season, so while your smashing plates of aloo parantha and chola bhatura, make sure you’re following that up with oranges and apples.

Apples and oranges are probably the most beneficial fruits for you, with their surplus of vitamins that help boost your immunity. Pomegranate is great for naturally boosting testosterone – so men, go crazy. 


There’s really no substitute to a good, fatty plate of your preferred meat of choice.

If you’re regularly hitting the gym, you know the importance of meat, especially in the winters when your body tends to burn calories more just to stay warm.

But regardless of whether you’re a gym person or not (you should be, btw), eating nice plate of butter chicken or lamb curry, or fish fry is simply sensational in the winters.

These are somethings you should be eating as a post workout, or prior to going to sleep. A nice heavy meal like this will help aid your slumber very well.

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