The difference between body wash and an intimate wash

Jan 23, 19
The difference between body wash and an intimate wash

Think about it: you don’t use a toothpaste to wash your body, a face wash to wash your back or a shampoo to wash your feet, right? So why would you use a body wash for your intimate region?

Here’s what you need to know about the difference between intimate washes and regular body washes.

What’s in a name?

The age old question – what’s in a name? When it comes to body washes, quite a lot actually. The name should be enough of an indicator as to what it actually is.

Body washes are for the body; intimate washes are for your intimate region. It’s really that simple.

In a world of overcomplicated cosmetic related ailments, it’s time we went back to a simpler time. Yes, I understand the paradox of this statement considering we’re talking about purchasing a separate product, but in truth, we are making things simpler by doing so.

Why the difference?

The big difference, and probably the most important reason to purchase a separate wash for your intimate reason is because of the pH balance of that area. 

Every individual has a certain optimal pH level to their skin. Finding out what it is will be a huge key into long term skincare, but regardless of what your body pH might be, your area down under is going to be slightly different.

In most cases it leans towards being more acidic on the pH scale, which in turn means intimate washes help balance it out to the most optimal amount better than regular old body washes do.

Additionally, the makeup of intimate washes means that it adds a major feeling of freshness down there that lasts throughout the day. This in turn prevents any long term health problems that a lack of hygiene causes.


Don’t wait up too long on copping intimate washes. The paradox of choice is no longer that, all you need is to understand that your hygiene down there matters, so make the wise and only choice.

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