2 Huge Grooming Tips for the Wedding Season

Jan 24, 19
2 Huge Grooming Tips for the Wedding Season

There’s only one time of the year that is more impactful than the holiday season of Christmas and New Years, and that’s wedding season.

Wedding are a cultural and traditional gem, and are thus celebrated in extravagant ways over here. It’s brings about a sense of community, and allows people to take some time to look and feel their best.

So here are some key grooming tips to make sure you're not the ugly duckling during your wedding season.


Big surprise, right? This is one of the most obvious points, which you were probably expecting, but what I’m here to tell you is that shaving doesn’t necessarily mean go all the way down to clean shaven.

If you’re sporting a beard, tt’s about finding the right look for you.

It’s also about understanding what it takes to grow out a beard, and what it means to take care of it. You obviously don’t want a patchy beard, and want the most natural look to your facial hair. Here’s where things like beard oils and beard washes come in handy, and trust me in the long run, this is exactly what you're going to need for a thick, lumberjack-like beard.

If you're going to go for the timeless clean-shave look, it’s doubly important you're using the right tools and sticking with a shaving routine prior to the wedding ceremony or reception. The last thing you want is blade burns and cuts running along your face when the photographer comes by.


Skincare should be a priority regardless of whether it’s wedding season or not, or if you’re sporting a beard or going clean shaven.

Skincare is honestly one of the most underrated aspects of overall health, and if you’re a follower of our content, you know just how much emphasis we make on taking care of ones skin. It’s because it’s something we truly believe is important, and thus hope our passion for it radiates onto you.

With skincare, face washes, face masks and general hygiene work wonders. But rather than use any off the shelf product it’s important you understand what goes into them. Our products include activated charcoal, which is a key in overall skincare.

Additionally, if you’re shaving, you need to really place a lot of emphasis on things like pre-shave and post-shave routines.


So there you have it, these are two simple, yet essential steps to looking and feeling like the life of the party during this wedding season. Make sure you check out the best products in the market here

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