3 biggest mistakes people make when shaving

Apr 10, 18
3 biggest mistakes people make when shaving

Shaving is considered an art for a very real reason.

There’s people out there (majority of the modern day rat racers), that view shaving as a mild inconvenience on a Monday morning rather than a subtle yet important part of our overall wellbeing.

There’s a reason that the shaving industry is hitting stratospheric levels; it’s now the centerfold of modern day men’s culture.

Whether it’s for beards or whether it’s for that clean shaven, early days Brad Pitt look, shaving is now key to a healthy lifestyle.

For shaving to completely evolve from an inconvenient necessity to the art that we know it can be, there are a few simple mistakes to avoid.

Shaving Without Preparation

The pre-shave routine is one of the most important part of the shaving in general that people just don’t pay enough attention to.

Wet shaving, or shaving after a warm shower is the most important part of your routine as it helps your pores open up and release any dust and dirt trapped in there.

If you don’t have time for a shower, wet your face with some warm to medium hot water and let the drops hang about.

Before lathering your face with the shaving gel, make sure you use a pre-shave oil to moisturize and smoothen out the beard. These essential oils are key in preventing ingrown hairs and a healthy beard.

Using Canned Foams Instead of Quality Gels

Foams are deceiving. They feel great on your palms and are disguised as a convenient, time saving alternative to it’s brother – the shaving gel.

Foams are cheap yes, but luckily for you, you don’t need to substitute quality for price today. Organic shaving gels offer so much more than shaving foams, with plenty of more benefits.

Foams simply help in layering your face, but what you actually need when shaving is moisture. If you’ve exfoliated your face with a hot shower or warm towel, your face should be ready for nutrients.

Shaving gels provide this. Foams don’t.

Not Using a Sharp Blade

Most people tend to try and extend the life of their blade in the hope of saving a few bucks, but doing so is a lot less beneficial than you might think.

There’s plenty of quality, long lasting, cost effective blades out there today anyway, so instead of dragging one last shave out of your battered cartridge, get rid of it for a sharp one.

Doing so will make sure you get a clean, smooth shave that goes all the way in, and pulls out the most stubborn of hairs.


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