What is a peel off mask and why you should use one

Dec 01, 18
What is a peel off mask and why you should use one

Peel off masks are the new trend in grooming and skin care these days and with good reason. If you're living in a city, it’s likely that your skin is going to get damaged everyday with the amount of pollution and dust you feel daily.

Peel of masks are face masks that help clean out your skin, and should be a key in your skincare arsenal.

What are peel off masks?

Like the term suggests, peel off masks are face masks that you peel off after a certain amount of time. It’s a thick paste-like liquid that you apply to your face. After a number of minutes, once it’s dried, it hardens around your face. You can remove this bit off.

Peel off masks are usually vitamin, plant or fruit extract based products that are chemically combined with the likes of activated charcoal and a number of other essential oils. The interaction of these ingredients, particularly the activated charcoal helps replenish your face and leave you with a glowing, fresh feeling.  

Why should you use one?

Peel off masks are natural exfoliators. Peel off masks work because they remove the outermost layer of your skin. This removes dead skin along with all the impurities and pollutants that your face has collected. The process of removing the mask should sting a little bit, but it shouldn’t be excruciating, so keep that in mind when applying and peeling off yours. 

Peel off masks also assist in removing wrinkles and stress lines. They additionally clean out your pores, which in turn eliminate acne-causing dust and bacteria.

When removing the top layer of impure skin, the peel off mask exfoliates your skin leaving you feeling fresh and full of glow. Removing your top layer of skin can also mean firmer skin taking its place. Combining this with the reducing of your pore size, you will start to look younger, and your skin will start to look a lot tighter.

Peel off masks also work wonders in maintaining the right amount of body oil. Your face shouldn’t be dripping with oil. By adding a peel off mask to your weekly skincare routine, you will start to notice that your face feels a lot more well balanced. The added benefit is that you also won’t feel dehydrated by this process and neither will your face look like it lacks hydration.

Another important and underrated reason to be using a peel off mask is the feeling it can trigger once it has become a habit. We all live stressed out lives, yes, and so that process of applying the paste to your face, sitting back and relaxing while it does its magic and then removing it all at once, can be very cathartic and relaxing.

Treat yourself right, and help yourself to some of the best peel off masks in the market currently.


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