Here's how to use a face mask

Despite all the information flooding the internet regarding face masks, peel off masks or whatever you would like to call them, if you don’t know how to actually use one, you’re never going to actually feel any of the real benefits they have.

So follow the instructions below and apply them to your life (and face) and proceed to reap the rewards.

Clean your face

A cursory wash of your face will work, however, if you’re already taking enough time and making the effort for improved skincare, you might as well use a face wash first. Face washes also have tremendous benefits; taking a minute out to apply one isn't going to do you much harm.

So start by cleansing your face with a deep cleaning face wash. Use lukewarm water, and once you're done pat yourself done with a dry towel.

Massage the mask gently

Take a small amount of your face mask paste – not too much, and not too little – and gently begin massaging it all over your face.

Remember to avoid your eyebrows and eye lashes, and steer clear of your mouth and lips too.

Let it settle

Before you feel the satisfaction of pulling the mask and along with it all the impurities and dead skin off your face, you have to make sure it’s dry enough. 

You have to let it settle, and let time do its magic.

It has to first convert from a liquid, paste like substance into a thin layer of solid. A good estimate is about twenty minutes, but really, it’s all about feel. You should feel it harden on your face, and when you touch it, it should feel like a thick layer of paint. 

So settle down, maybe read a few blog posts on grooming, the best part is yet to come.

Peel it off

When it’s finally settled, find a spot, which is easy to start with. Remember, you're not yanking it from your face. It has to feel smooth and easy, not painful. It might sting a little, but that’s okay, as long as you're not in absolute agony when taking it off, you’ll be fine. 

Practice patience

Remember that using the peel off mask once a month isn't going to allow you to see it’s benefits. Like anything, regularity and consistency are real keys to this. Peel off masks are wonderful, and have terrific benefits for your face, but make sure you're consistent with your use – not everyday, but try using it at least 3-4 times a week and you’ll be golden.