Spruce’s Weekly Guide to Shaving

Aug 14, 18
Spruce’s Weekly Guide to Shaving

On this week’s guide to shaving article, we’ve got a whole new set of tips that will bring to you the smooth shave you deserve.

Shaving is a simple art form, but it is an art form, and it needs diligence and discipline to perfect. Check out the tips below and follow them to a tee for a smooth, acne-free face.


Start with Pre-Shave Oils

The thing that flies under the radar way too often is the utility of pre-shave oils. They work. They work well, and have a whole host of benefits to them.

Apply a pre-shave oil to your face before you start with the shaving gels. The essential oils will seep into your skin and prepare it for what’s to come next – ideally, a smooth, natural shave.

Check out our range of premium pre-shave oils here.

Use Quality Gels on Your Face 

People tend to go for the easier to use and cheaper foams rather than purchase quality products. In the short term, cheaper options serve better, sure. But in the long term, a good quality product will have a much more beneficial effect to your face.

A cheaper product is cheap for a reason. It isn’t designed to provide you with the most benefit possible. In fact, many times, it does just the opposite.

Luckily, Spruce Shave Club has a great range of premium shaving gels and aftershaves that aren’t exorbitantly priced.

These products are made with natural ingredients, each of which has been proven to help clear out your skin (if you have acne), and leave you feeling fresh after.

Using the Right Blades

Most people tend to try and extend the life of their blade in the hope of saving a few bucks, but doing so is a lot less beneficial than you might think.

There’s a reason that most blades have an expiry date. It’s utility begins to diminish after that date and the number of shaves. This could mean shaves that aren’t as effective, which in turn leads to ingrown hairs and a not-so clean overall look.

At Spruce, we have a range of blades that vary depending on your needs. There’s the trial kits, which allow you to test out the product. You have a variety of choosing between a 3-blade razor and a 5-blade razor, although, my personal favourite is the newly released 6-blade Streak6 Pivot, which honestly is one of the best razors I’ve ever used.

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