4 Natural Ways to Grow Your Beard

Jul 26, 18
4 Natural Ways to Grow Your Beard

It’s one thing that there’s a wave of the lumberjack beards that just doesn’t seem to end. It’s a whole other thing if you have don’t even have a beard – or worse, you have a patchy one – and you cannot help but feel resentful to all the men who put your own manhood to shame.

But that’s what we’re here for.

Read on below to find out 4 natural ways you can boost your beard growth.


Take Care of Your Face

 This is so painfully obvious that it should trigger every anger inducing fiber of your body.


It’s one thing to subscribe to the “my body is my temple” philosophy. It’s a whole other thing to believe that you can treat your body like last weeks leftovers you plan on giving to the dog that lives on your street.

There’s a middle ground. And it can be found through a little discipline.

Exfoliate your face at least once a week. Use essential oils to nourish your face. This can be in the form of pre-shave oils or beard oils.

Eating the Right Things

Remember, we’re talking about natural ways to grow your beard. This doesn’t involve supplements.

Supplements are beneficial, and work well, but as a SUPPLEMENT. What this means is you need to first be doing the right things in order for supplements to work at all.

This means getting the right breakdown of nutrition; a balanced diet that includes fats, carbs and proteins. Eggs, lean meat, green vegetables, and certain nuts like brazil nuts are very good for you.

Incorporate as much as you can into your diet.

Dealing with Stress

This is a big point.

Too often things like sleep go under the radar. Additionally, when you’re over-stressed out, your body doesn’t sleep right.

Start hitting the gym as a stress buster. Working out, whether at the gym or in the form of a sport, is the most important thing you can do.


Let it Grow

The biggest problem we as men have when it comes to stuff like this is patience. Whether it’s growing your hair out into a ponytail or dare I say a bun, or growing a beard out, as soon as we feel it looks even a little disheveled, we have the urge to chop it all off.

After your first month, the beard isn’t going to look good. That’s a fact. Accept it. You’ll be fine. Let it grow out for a solid 6-8 weeks before you even think about trimming it.


There are plenty more things you can do to keep your beard healthy and allow it to flourish. Stay tuned for more.

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