2 reasons why you need to be using an aftershave

Nov 01, 18
2 reasons why you need to be using an aftershave

An essential part of your shaving tool kit is an aftershave.

These have been around since the old days, and for good reason. After shaves used to be that one thing that helped cool your face down after a shave with a single blade straight razor. 

But times have changed and so has the utility of aftershaves.

Here are 2 reasons why you need aftershaves.


They complete your shaving routine

By now you should know why it’s so important to complete every step of a shaving routine.

Start with a hot shower to open up your pores, which in turn leads to your hair follicles becoming thicker and ready for a shave.

Pre-shave oils are important, so after you’ve used some on your face, you are primed for a great shave.

Using a quality shaving gel is important when it comes to providing your face with the right nutrients it needs for nourishment and general health.

Naturally after you’ve shaved off every last strand of hair on your face, it stands to reason that you complete the entire process by using an aftershave.

Shaving routines need care and time, so after you’ve done the first 5 things correctly, what would be the point of leaving it incomplete?

Bookend the shaving process by using a quality aftershave. Your face will thank you for it later.


There are genuine health concerns

No matter how careful with you are with your health, there are few things that are just out of your control. 

Despite the quality of your blade, if you’ve used it a few times and have left it out in the open, there are chances of bacteria settling on it.

If you’re careful about your entire routine – begin with a pre-shave oil, move onto the shaving gel etc. you’re taking steps to mitigate infection.

An aftershave is an essential part of these mitigating steps.

Think back to when aftershaves used to be alcohol based. Alcohol works as a great sterilizing agent. Doctors use on a cotton swab right before they inject you; people use it to clean metal with alcohol etc.

Alcohol works great at killing any unwanted bacteria.

But alcohol also kills the good stuff on your face. There’s good and bad kinds of bacteria. The alcohol in aftershaves kills both.

Additionally, such aftershaves also dry out your face of all moisture, which is a breeding ground for acne and cuts.

It’s the opposite of what an aftershave is supposed to do.

With all natural after now running the market, you don’t need alcohol based products.

But you definitely need to be using an aftershave, so help yourself to a pair sooner rather than later.

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