Do this simple thing to perfect your post-shave routine

Oct 30, 18
Do this simple thing to perfect your post-shave routine

After shaves are a steady part of a shaving routine, and have been since time immemorial.

But as time has progressed, there has been a major technological and health revolution, which has allowed us to improve both shaving and post-shave routines. 

So here’s what you need to do for the perfect post-shave routine.

Use an All Natural Aftershave 

Historically, after-shaves where liquid with alcohol in them that were meant to dry your face and prevent infections that rose from small cuts and nicks on the face.

But surprise, surprise, turns out alcohol based products, when applied on your skin have plenty of negative effects.

Yes, alcohol acts as a very strong sterilizing agent, and it does kill any bacteria that might be on your face, but it kills ALL bacteria, including the ones beneficial to you.

Instead there are plenty of herbal, skin friendly options for you to choose from.

Aloe Vera is linked with many different health benefits, including benefits for your skin. 

Natural aftershaves that contain aloe vera helps soother your skin after a shave, which in turn can help reduce inflammation and the chance of acne breakouts.

Aloe vera, rich in Vitamin C and E, also has plenty of anti-ageing qualities. You are still going to grow older, yes, but you might not look it.

As the winters begin to roll through, it’s also important for you to moisturize your skin. Dry, cracked skin not only looks bad, it can lead to some heavy consequences if they are not taken care of quickly.

All natural aftershaves containing the likes of lemon and aloe vera can help moisturize your skin and keep you feeling fresh throughout the day.

Using an aftershave that is rich in natural vitamins will be extremely beneficial for your long-term health.


So if you want a perfect aftershave routine, start here.

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