Why use a pre-shave oil

Apr 12, 18
Why use a pre-shave oil

The biggest question surrounding pre-shave oils today is this one: are pre-shave oils even necessary and why should you use them?

You used to get by fine for all these years when you didn’t used to use them, so why change up your routine now?

The answer is so obvious, you're going to be hitting yourself...

Pre-Shave Oils Work

Knowing what a pre-shave oil is the first step to understanding why you need to use one.

Once you’ve read up on them, the biggest incentive you have to start using them is because they work.

How often is it that you’ve been marketed a product that claims it provides added benefit to your daily routine, but you’ve been let down by an average product sold as a brilliant idea?

We can guarantee you that this won’t be the case with pre-shave oils.

Pre-shave oils help in healthier growth of hair.

So if you want that thick lumberjack beard, you’re going to first need to take care of it well during the shaving process.

Start fresh, shave it all off with a pre-shave oil and then watch how thick and full your beard begins to grow out.

Pre-Shave Oils Can Ease Skin Irritation 

Everyone to some degree has experience that incessant, annoying itch that happens post-shave.

It doesn’t matter if you’ve used the most organic post-shave balm or after shave cream, every once in a while there’s an itch that you just relieve.

This usually occurs because of what we did prior to even shaving.

That’s where pre-shave oils come in.

Once the essential oils seep into your stubble or beard prior to you applying any cream, they begin smoothening your skin, readying them for the shave.

It’s an underrated process, but a necessity so stop mulling on the decision any longer, and get your hands on some pre-shave oils now.

Pre-Shave oils are now an essential part of anybody’s shaving routine. Work on bringing them into yours.


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