How your intimate wash affects your bedroom performance

Apr 11, 19
How your intimate wash affects your bedroom performance

It’s one of the least talked about, but most googled thing in the world, people’s biggest insecurities are always related to sexual performance. Due to the fact that it’s such an intense and vulnerable part of a person’s life, many people choose to ignore things like sexual performance and development in the bedroom. 

It’s partly because most of us don’t want to allow ourselves to believe anything besides the fact that we’re absolute rockstars in bed, but if that were the case, the world would be a lot happier, as would we. 

But we’re a positive bunch here at Spruce Shave Club, so all is not lost for you just yet. Remember, like any other skill, getting better in bed is something that can be improved upon with patience and putting in hard hours (wink, wink).

Besides that, there’s simple things that can be done that can help develop your sense of self-confidence and thus your overall attractiveness. It starts with plain old sexual hygiene. I know, boring, an article that started so promisingly has descended into a piece on why you need to keep your junk clean.

It’s amazing, however, the link it can have with your overall sense of confidence in yourself. Confidence as we all know is the biggest indicator of attraction.

 One of the biggest indicators of a man’s sexual confidence is how seriously he takes his hygiene. I know this can come as a shock to some people, but women don’t like smelly balls. Hard to believe, I know, but whether or not you like it you do need to accept it. It’s impossible for a woman to enjoy being with a man if he isn’t sensitive to his own (and by conjunction) her needs.


Taking care of your hygiene down there is the most serious step you could take to show someone you care about them and their feelings. Besides the intangible sense of confidence that it can help develop, cleaning yourself in the gential area can mitigate plenty of sexually transmitted diseases. Obviously, the most important thing is the use of a condom, which helps prevent and reduce the chance of most STDs. Not cleaning, and not cleaning well down there can lead to other, smaller diseases caused by bacteria and residue that often lies on the head. Uncircumcised men have to take extra caution and care and should be making a conscious effort of cleaning themselves. Using intimate washes in general have benefits besides your performance in the bedroom. It’s an important part of your daily wellness and skincare, so should be a part of your routine regardless of whether or not you're getting with someone. But clearly, when you are with your significant other, you do need to be making sure that you’re doing your utmost.


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