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The biggest hair mistakes you can easily avoid

by Aman Sridhar 11 Apr 2019 1 comment

Summer’s well and truly on it’s way (I know; climate change is a real b**** isn't it?) Anyway, luckily for you – the self-accepting, self-caring, health nut that you are, you have us, Spruce Shave Club here to fulfill all your haircare and grooming needs.

The onset of the sun can lead to a plethora of problems for your skin, hair and whatever else that can be hard to tackle once they set in. There’s preventative measures that you can take, however, and frankly, measures that you need to be taking to keep your health in complete check. 

So read on to find out what the biggest hair mistakes are, and what you can do to nurse them back to peak beauty levels.

Use the right shampoo…

Chemicals and cost effective options are old news now. Even big conglomorates are starting to realize that the trends are heading towards something more eco-friendly that promote long-term health because that’s what the public demands.

You need to be on the right side of history, and start realizing that the chump change you save by going for the cheaper shampoo or face wash isn’t really doing much good. In fact it probably causes more harm than good in the long term in terms of your mentality as well, but let’s not get philosophical here.

Practically speaking, the right shampoo works wonders on your hair…duh. The important thing is to not get too bogged down in measurements though, so if you're losing your hair, don’t psyche yourself out by picking strands off the floor and storing them in a safe deposit box. Let it go, be free, switch your shampoo to something with natural ingredients and be patient. You will eventually see the results of it.

…But don’t wash too much

This is a very important factor when it comes to good health. There’s somethings we just can’t control – the quality of water you're using to wash yourself for example. Don’t be one of those folks that uses mineral RO water to bathe, accept that you can’t control everything.

Work with what you’ve got however. Hot water dries your hair out; cold water retains moisture. The trick is to find the right balance. I like to start all my showers with some warm water, and end it in arctic temperatures. Figure out what works for you.

Additionally, try not to use shampoo everyday. If you have to wash your hair, use a shampoo thrice a week, and apply a conditioner everyday instead. This helps nourish your hair. Again, the importance of the right shampoo is key here, if you’re down in the dirt and your hair is exposed to heat and dirt everyday then using a mild shampoo with the right ingredients can help prevent damage caused from the sun and retain moisture.

Feel free to experiment

Time isn't all that it’s made out to be. Don’t let another constraint you have absolutely no control over hold you back from being freer. If you’ve ever wanted to grow your hair out, now’s the time. If you wanted to look like Cristiano Ronaldo just so you feel better about not having made it as a pro athlete, now’s the time.

Allow yourself to experiment around, but remember the importance of proper maintenance. If you are growing out the Viking man bun, know that it requires a lot of maintenance, otherwise you’re not going to yourself any favours and will end up losing a lot more hair that you should.

Similarly, if you want to colour your hair, speak to your barber, find out the right look for yourself, know the cons of it, and understand that it can take a lot to maintain.

The importance in the end, however, is knowing that a limiting your stress can do wonders for your overall health. So be free and have fun.



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09 May 2019 Dinesh R Patel

where to purchased in Vadodara !Ahmedabad List give me on mail id.please…..

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