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The 3 most important things to look out for in an intimate wash

The 3 most important things to look out for in an intimate wash

Before we get into the intimate details…(sorry, I had to) about what you need to keep your eye on when browsing for or purchasing an intimate wash, make sure you’ve done your prior reading. 

You need to understand the reason why you need an intimate wash in the first place, and why it’s different from a regular old body wash.

So go on click on those links and read through them…I’ll wait. 

Now that you're done with that, let’s crack into the most important things you need to be looking out for when looking for an intimate wash.

The Make Up

No, no, not the one you apply on your face, I’m talking ingredients.

The ingredients that go into making an intimate wash what it is, is what you need to keep your eye on. Like any other cosmetic product, if it’s built using a chemical combination that could affect your long term health, you should stay as far away from it as possible.

Look out for things like essential oils. There’s many, many essential oils, I know, but most of them have qualities that are extremely beneficial for you; ours are made up with Neroli and Tea Tree Oil, both of which have stunning anti-bacterial, anti- inflammatory, and anti-fungal properties (yes, you don’t want fungal growth down there). 

The Right Balance

The right balance of essential oils and natural extracts is the real key to a good intimate wash. Again, there are many chemical extracts that products use that provide short-term, bandaid-like solutions instead of long-term everlasting ones.

Our intimate wash has a natural extract taken from the plants Calendula and Sage. The Calendula works in conjunction with the essential oils to help prevent any infection, but adds a soothing, cool feel down there while the Sage helps helps prevent rashes and itching. Chemicals just don’t do that, and in fact many add to the feeling of irritation down there.



The Ideal pH Balance

If you’ve done your required reading, you should know by now that the biggest reason to start using an intimate wash instead of plain old body washes is because of the pH levels of your skin. 

The pH level of our intimate area is more sensitive than the rest of our body, thus using a heavily alkaline soap (a body wash high on the pH scale), can lead to long term problems like rashes and infections.

Our intimate washes have the ideal pH levels for your skin down there. While most soaps contain a level hovering between 9-10 (heavily alkaline), ours is almost bang in the center at 5-6. This is the right amount because it prevents dryness and tightness that can occur from soap. Our intimate washes make sure your intimate region receives the right balance.



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