Confidence is a Muscle. Here’s How You Can Develop It.

Feb 10, 18
Confidence is a Muscle. Here’s How You Can Develop It.

Confidence is the key to attraction.

Ask anyone (guy or girl) that question, and more often than not, the quality that everyone finds universally attractive is confidence.

There’s various degrees to confidence, however.

There’s the superficial level where your status and fashion give you a sense of pride – and that’s not all bad.

But we’re here to tell you a way you can achieve long-lasting confidence that can help carry you through your darkest times and into the future you actually desire.

What is True Confidence?

Confidence on the surface aka “fake it till you make it,” can serve as a great stepping stone for shy, introverted guys who have spent most of their life in a passive state filled with nervousness and social anxiety.

When adopting the “fake it till you make it” persona, you have to remember that this is just a temporary fix. If you allow it to, this persona will take over and eventually lead you down a path of half finished, semi- successes.

So while you’re in that state of “faking it,” make sure you have things in your life you want to struggle for. The “fake” confidence can spring you into action and increase your faith in yourself. You will start to believe that you will get what you set your mind to.

But this alone isn’t sustainable. Create strong and clear goals that no matter the obstacles in between, you will give it your 100% to achieve. Soon you will find yourself being absorbed so much more by your goals that you will forget to add this “fake” confidence. It’ll simply be a part of you.

That is true confidence.

How is True Confidence Achieved?

Confidence in the most absolute simple terms is achieved by overcoming a struggle.

Yes, this is a very loaded statement so let me break it down.

It’s a hot morning, you’ve woken up early in anticipation of the gym.

On your way there, you have a flat tire. Painstakingly, you switch the tire out all while working up an unnecessary sweat, knowing that this has put your schedule back by another hour.

You hit the gym anyway, but you can’t seem to get that sense of frustration and restlessness out of your head. Your workout doesn’t go as well as you wanted to (but you finish it anyway), and on your way out your iPod shuffles to a song you hadn’t heard in a while.

Just like that everything clicks together, and you’re at complete ease with your surroundings and everything that was bothering you before fades away.

True confidence in yourself and complete faith in your ability sparks that feeling. When you feel that, you should know your on your way up.



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