3 Things to Look Out for in Pre-Shave Oils

Feb 13, 18
3 Things to Look Out for in Pre-Shave Oils

Pre-shave oils are probably the most important piece of your toolkit that you’re missing. Let’s face it, until a few years ago, it was only a very small minority that actually cared about what they put on their face.

Even today if you ask your friends, I can guarantee you that you’ll barely find one guy who uses such a product.

What’s their loss could be your gain, though, so pay close attention to what you need to start looking out for.

 Finding What’s Right for Your Skin 

Everyone has different skin – from oily to sensitive to dry – each of which needs different methods of caring.

The problem with skin type is that most people tend to think they have sensitive skin. Sensitive skin is appealing to folks, because it makes people think that there’s a reason for their bad acne.

But remember, using products meant for sensitive skin on dry skin also leads to unnecessary side effects.

The same works for pre-shave oils. When looking to purchase pre-shave oils, you need to keep the same level of awareness. Make sure you get the right products for your skin – pre-shave oils all the way to your after shave gel.

 Finding the Perfect Fragrance

Pre-shave oils come in a multitude of shapes, sizes and fragrances. Some of the best one are tea tree oil and lavender, and cedar wood and mandarin.

The two fragrances are almost completely in contrast to each other, and both yet provide a unique way of pampering yourself.

The Essential Oils Key to the Final Product 

Pre-shave oils contain a maddening amount of essential oils as a part of their overall chemistry. The important bit for you to remember is that you shouldn’t let fancy terms and buzzwords fool you.

Amongst the most important essential oils that make up pre-shave oils, here are the ones that have the most benefit to you.

Almond oils, castor oils, jojoba oils and argon oils are keywords you should be on the lookout for. Any product you see that has these ingredients along with a combination of some pleasant smelling oils such as lavender or cedar wood, don’t hesitate to make a quick purchase.

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