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3 Offbeat Places in India You Have to Travel to Now

by Aman Sridhar 15 Feb 2018 0 Comments

When people think of holidays in the north, the obvious names pop up on the list – Kashmir, Ladakh, Manali etc – and for good reason too.

But for the adventurous spirit, these tourist heavy spots more often than not leads to frustration and eventually that travel spirit is not nearly satisfied as it should be. This article is for those that wish to appease that spirit through adventure and travel.

Here’s a list of places that the ‘black sheep’ traveler needs to visit.

Tso Miriri, Ladakh 

Ladakh today is known more for Pangong Tso than any other place (you can thank 3 idiots for that). Yes, Pangong Tso is absolutely gorgeous, with landscapes so stunning they take your breath away.

Tso Miriri, however, offers a more than ready alternative.

Located in the Changthang Plateau in the Korzok settlement, Tso Miriri is literally a hidden gem in the high altitude desert region that is Ladakh. Tucked in the Eastern end of the state, Tso Miriri is extremely hard to find, with barely functioning dirt roads leading the way.

Considered one of the most wonderful drives in all of India, the barren roads that lead to the lake are misleading and shouldn’t be a deterrent. Furthermore, the welcoming locals, the surreal sunsets, and the homely feel of the town should be reason enough for you to stay atleast a couple of nights in this diamond location.

Jump at the chance to explore this place now, because like clockwork, the more the word spreads the faster the throngs of tourist-y families will also make their way here.

Bhagsu, Himachal Pradesh 

Techinically speaking, Bhagsu is a part of McLeod Gang – a short walk up away from the bustle of the centre of town, yet Bhagsu offers a completely different experience than Dharmsala and McLeod do.

Bhagsu is quiet and hidden for a good reason. It’s location serves as a filter for travelers. Only the ones willing to make the walk up and explore slightly deeper will find the guest houses where fellow travelers camp out for extended periods of time.

Bhagsu’s location is ideal with McLeod Gang located right beneath you and the small hippie community surrounding you.

The trek to the waterfall is stunning to say the least, but also offers you the chance to refresh your lungs with probably some of the freshest air the hills have to offer you.

Bhagsu is an ideal location for the traveler looking for a low key adventure. There’s a perfect balance of things to do and things not to do in this quaint little hillside village. Stock your backpack up well, and head on up there.

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Roopkund, Uttarakhand

Roopkund is a lake located high up in the mountains of Uttarakhand. The area is known for the hundreds of human skeletons found around the periphery of the lake, which in itself is reason enough to go for those daring enough.

However, moving away from the eeriness and the mystery surrounding the area, the trek up to Roopkund is absolutely magical. The landscape shifts depending on the time of the year, but is almost impossible to beat either.

Prep yourself for a tough walk up, stock up heavily on water and dried fruits and easy to eat foods. This trek is going to be a challenge, but don’t let that stop you because what awaits you when you’re done is a state of absolute bliss.

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