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Every Man Needs the Gym…Here’s Why

by Aman Sridhar 08 Feb 2018 0 Comments

Humans are primates. And primates are highly active, highly intelligent beings that forage, hunt and fight for a living.

If you’ve ever observed a group of chimpanzees, you would have seen the absolute, unfiltered ruthlessness with which they behave.

And yet, we evolved into an entirely different species – human beings – the only self aware, semi-sentient living being, capable of outer space exploration, stratospheric levels of technological development and so much more.

But there’s a part of our ancestral life that many men today are not incorporating into their life to their own detriment.

Lifting heavy things.

 Since the dawn of time, man’s pursuits have been achieved through sheer will, self-reliance and the togetherness of his community or “tribe.”

Human beings today live in gigantic cities where one’s sense of being part of a community is lost to the cloud of anonymity. This alone has various mental health implications. But add to the fact that most men today live in complete passivity – letting life pass them by without realizing that they control what happens to them – has led to a major loss of healthy masculinity that society needs.

The gym is the first step to regaining control of your own destiny.

Challenging Yourself

With the gym there’s two sides to the spectrum; the overweight man, and the skinny guy.

Complete opposites in terms of looks, yet the fear is the same – not wanting to look stupid in front of veterans at the gym.

This fear is real, and is the first hurdle when joining the gym.

But the sense of empowerment that shadows the fear once you jump in headstrong is massive, and equally real.

After putting yourself out of your comfort zone in such a drastic way (by joining the gym), your body and mind will open up a barrier you thought was going to stay locked forever.

Consistency Leads to Freedom

 The gym is a lifestyle. There’s two things that every man needs to put in to get a 150% out of it; consistency and dedication.

Being consistent is the probably the hardest part because it’s in our human nature to settle.

Immediately after a noticeable change to the body, the mind becomes complacent and starts jabbing excuses at you that you could use to stop going.

It’s important to fight this. Consistent action will lead to consistent changes to your body, yes, but it does so much more to your mind.

It teaches you to that no matter what state of mind you’re in, you can always push and take action.

Discipline that Spills Over Everywhere 

For a man to find his purpose, being disciplined is paramount.

The gym helps provide an avenue for everyone to build this muscle of being disciplined.

With the gym, once “gains” are made, there’s an automatic feeling of reward that is triggered, which can eventually lead to an inner drive to push yourself forward and improve.

The gym represents a path that is foolproof to achieving general success and happiness, but it all starts with you.

Don’t wait any longer – it’s time to start lifting heavy.


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