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3 Ways to Stay Fresh During A Long Work Day

by Aman Sridhar 01 May 2018 0 Comments

The cool, winter weather may have gone on a little longer than we expected this year, but the summer has undoubtedly arrived.

And with it, it’s brought its usual baggage – days seeming a lot longer, grumpy, sweaty faces all around you, and the disgusting feeling that you know the next day is going to be the same, if not worse.

Yet there’s plenty of people who deal with the summer with a smile and continue to do so each year.

Eat Fresh 

(No this isn't an ad for Subway)

It’s easy to fall into the pattern of eating at whatever the closest fast food place located in your office building complex.

It doesn’t matter if you’re eating at a ‘healthy café,’ since you haven’t taken the time to assemble the ingredients yourself, there’s no way to be sure if what you’re putting in your body is actually fresh.

Understandably, however, these cafes and fast food meals have an element of convenience about them, so on some days it’s okay to eat food from there if you haven’t got any other option.

What is inexcusable though, is for you to not be carrying a piece of fruit with you.

In the middle of the desert-like heat, an orange, an apple, some grapes are all fruit that you must have with you at work. If you can, cut up some pieces of watermelon and pack them with you to work.

Fruit is one of the best ways to stay fresh, so do yourself a favour and eat more of them.

Sleep Well

There’s a common misconception that people have on the optimal number of hours of sleep. The real answer is this – there is no universal optimal amount.

The range of sleep everyone needs is between 6-8 hours. If you go over you tend to wake up slightly groggy with an imbalanced equilibrium, and any less you just feel tired.

Having said that there’s folks who don’t need more than 4 hours a night, and those who can sleep 12 hours and wake up feeling tip top the next day.

For you however, the optimal amount is probably somewhere in the middle. Time yourself for about a week, getting between 6-8 hours a night and see what makes you feel the best.

Once you’ve found that perfect number of hours, you’ll be shocked to find how much better your days go by.

Work Out 

I know – it’s a bit counterintuitive to think that getting all sweaty first thing in the morning can in fact help you stay fresh, but it’s true.

To understand the science behind exercising all you really have to do is a basic google search, but the gist of it is this – the endorphins that are released after a physically intense workout affect a person’s short term and long term mood and can help you feel lighter and more in touch with your body.

The feeling is similar to something you’ve experienced or heard about – the runner’s glow.

Any form of exercise first thing in the morning, or late in the evening, can help you decompress and in the long run make you feel more motivated to crush it at work .

Working out is an absolute key to long term success, but it will also help you tackle your days with more strength and freshness.


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