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3 Behavioural Changes You Can Make to Become More Attractive

by Aman Sridhar 17 May 2018 0 Comments

The number 1 key to attraction is plain and simple. Looks, hair, the car you drive, the shoes you wear are nowhere close to this key behavioral trait – confidence.

While the car you drive, shoes you wear and so on can help develop your confidence on an external level, confidence that you show when all that stuff is taken away from you is the true indicator of whether you’re all what you show you are.

While developing such confidence is painstakingly long and will require a lot of patience and struggle, there are a few other key changes you can make to your body language and behavior that can help you become more attractive to the opposite sex.

Develop Better Posture

It’s easy to completely lose your awareness when it comes to your standing and sitting posture.

Once we have fallen into a routine, it’s hard to make changes, however incremental they may be.

If you work at an office, you probably don’t even realize that for the majority of the day you’re slouched over your computer.

The health risks for poor posture are numerous, but what’s worse is the unconscious habit you have probably developed of slouching over.

This poor posture translates over to other parts of your life, which likely means you’re slouching when you walk as well.

Standing or sitting tall with your shoulders back and your head held erect is proven to help with confidence and thus attraction.

It is also a staple technique taught to people in motivational and life coaching seminars for the very same reason.

Stand tall and you’ll start to notice that the little problems in life start to fade away. 

Look Directly at Whom You Talk to

This is huge, especially in our society where we’ve been taught to look away or worse look down at our feet when speaking to someone ‘senior’ to us.

While the traditional value and reason behind this conditioning cannot be argued with, if you truly want to look and feel more attractive and confident, you need to unplug yourself from this notion.

Finding the balance between a shy, nervous boy and serial killer level eye contact is easy.

Look at the person’s eyes a few seconds past when you start to feel awkward. As soon as you start feeling butterflies fly around, count to 3 and then look away.

But hold the eye contact during the awkward bit.

This is key for you to get over your fear.

The relationship between better eye contact and falling in love is clear.

For you, the important thing is to start small and continue building from there. The next time you are at a shop picking up some chips, look at the cashier in the eyes and build on from there.

Start Grooming Yourself Better 

Grooming can be anything from the hair on your face to proper manscaping.

But in order for the latter to truly be a problem for you, you have to make sure you’ve covered your bases from your head to face first.

Clean grooming doesn’t necessarily have to mean a clean shaven face, but it does mean taking care of your face well.

The key to proper grooming is being consistent and avoiding stupid mistakes like these.

Once you’ve started to incorporate these three habits into your life, you’ll begin to look and feel a lot more attractive. Stay tuned for more.


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