The 3 Most Obvious Mistakes You Are Making on Tinder

Love in the digital age is a complicated thing. If you’re not on a dating app or website, you almost certainly have been advertised to join one, and definitely have friends on one.

Chances are you even know people who met through an app and are now happily dating, leaving you to be the third wheel, wondering what it is you’re doing wrong.

For starters not being on Tinder/Ok Cupid/Bumble/you-name-it app is a mistake in itself. Why not play the odds and just get yourself a profile?

Once you’ve done that make sure you avoid all of the following disastrous mistakes.

Having Mediocre Pictures 

Ok, I only used the word mediocre to save your feelings a bit of hurt.

Browse through most people’s tinder and you would think that people just don’t look any better than when they first wake up from bed after a nightmare-ish 3 hours of sleep.

The pictures you put up matter!

Don’t do a bathroom selfie with your shirt off. Don’t take a selfie with the ‘selfie camera.’ Don’t wear shades for your first couple of pictures.

People need to see you…clearly. 

Ask a friend with a nice camera – whether it’s portrait mode on a phone or an actual DSLR – to shoot a couple of good shots of you. Relax your face so you don’t look too tense and take a variety of different pictures.

Make a day of it, and head out into different spots in the city and have some fun.

Not Having a Bio

Listen, you may be the funniest, wittiest, most sex-worthy male in the world, but a blank bio is not going to show anyone that.

You’re not better than the app, so don’t think not having a bio is a way to show you don’t give a s*** – it’s you being lazy.

Don’t take yourself too seriously and have fun with it a little. Get creative and let things come naturally.

You’re just trying to convey who you are as a person so don’t bother with stuff that isn’t congruent to who you really are.

Message Your Match

The problem with all of these mistakes is just how obvious and redundant they are.

You’re reading this going “duh,” as if you’ve never thought about them before, but yet you continue to make them. Why aren’t you messaging your matches?

There may be genuine reasons behind some, but if there’s someone you want to meet up with how are you ever going to get them out on a date if you haven’t even buzzed them because you’re too busy trying to play games.

Start with fixing these three stupid mistakes and watch how your tinder game starts to improve. Stay tuned for more, less obvious mistakes soon.



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