2 Things You Can Do to Improve Your Conversations on Tinder

May 29, 18
2 Things You Can Do to Improve Your Conversations on Tinder

Last week we talked about how you can improve your Tinder/name-dating-app profile by avoiding painfully obvious mistakes.

Once you have done that, there are a few things you can do that will move you from just another tinder match, to that guy she met off tinder.

If you’re someone that cares about meeting someone online – you are, or why would you even be reading this? – you need to commit time and dedication (ugh, I know) to working on your tinder profile.

Make Your Profile Interesting

I talked about this in the previous article; many guys just like to leave the bios blank to create an air of mystery about them.


The only mystery about your bio is why you’re so lazy you couldn’t write a few words down in the first place.

The flipside to this dilemma is that the other set of guys tend to go for the other extreme.

They fill their bio up with everything about themselves, or everything they think makes them seem cool, which like many paradoxes of life leaves the girl with a feeling of pity and disgust.

The balance between the two extremes is simple. All you need is you.

Vague and painfully clichéd I know, but here’s what it actually means. You have to show your personality using your words without rubbing it in their faces.

Humour helps, but not too much.

You’re not trying to be a standup comic. Unless you’re someone who’s generally witty everyday there’s really no point trying to be funny. (Are you starting to recognize the theme, yet?)

You just need enough meat in your bio that sparks an interest in your match to get her to message you or be interested enough to reply to your message

Once the conversation has been opened, you just have to be cool and normal and not weird her out by doing anything too quickly.

Use Her Bio as Your Trigger

One of your matches has a picture of her at a beach, the hills and in the midst of a crowd of people. These should all be indicators to you that she likes to travel.

If she hasn’t already told you this in her bio, use her pictures as a base to start a conversation on.

Again, try not to be too ‘try hard’ or too ‘cool’ with your messages. Whatever you feel is the right thing to open with, go with that. Trust your gut and use what you have in front of you to kick things off.

Once the mood has been set, take the conversation of tinder before you try or say anything silly. From there, just take your time and go for the meetup when you both feel comfortable.

There’s a couple of great pointers in this article here as well – be sure to check it out.


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