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2 Personality Traits That Women Love in Men

by Aman Sridhar 19 Jun 2018 0 Comments

It’s true that there are universal signs of attraction for both sexes. Men are often attracted to certain personality traits, just as women are equally likely to be attracted to the same or different states.

The important thing to understand here, however is that these are generalizations and will undoubtedly have exceptions. The important thing is that you’re genuinely who you say you are, and are not faking these traits in the hope that something magical will happen to your life.

Everything in this article has to be taken with a grain of salt, and shouldn’t be taken to be a ‘foolproof strategy.’ These personality traits may help you, but nothing beats being respectful to other human beings needs, and empathizing with their state of mind.

Let’s get into it.

For starters, it’s important to understand that attraction is just a biological feeling that can be triggered by any number of things. Each person (man or woman) is different, and has different triggers of attraction based on how they were raised, the culture they grew up in and the content they consume.

But what is undeniably true, however, is that once the trigger has been hit, the attraction will follow suit.


Emotional Awareness 

This is probably the biggest indicator as to how deep your own personality goes. Are you empathetic to how she feels?

The reason this is so attractive to people in general is because it is very hard to fake.

When you empathize with someone else’s state of mind, you’re relating yourself to them on a very deep level. In a way it makes them feel special that someone else can relate to how they are feeling.

But what this is a true indicator of is also how emotionally aware you are. It is impossible to be empathetic with somebody else’s plight when you don’t understand your own emotions.

Coming to grips with how you feel, and truly accepting it for what it is can be the only way you move forward.

Being Present

This is huge. The world we live in today is designed to distract us.

Advertisers are fighting for our limited attention span, social media is designed to trigger dopamine in our heads in order to make us feel good and constantly being on screens has disrupted our sleep.

Similar to how emotional awareness can trigger a very biological and primal part of our brain, being present in a world that is stuck in an infinite chaos loop does the very same thing.

The reason?

Because it is bloody hard to do so.

Look around you the next time you go out and see how many people are plugged in to music as they walk, texting as they drive, and talking to someone as they cross the road.

We’re living in a time that our brains have never dealt with before and thus our evolutionary response to such stimuli hasn’t yet been developed.

Staying present to the moment makes you stand out from the masses of people.


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