3 Different Beard Styles for You to Try Out

One of the best things about the months of August and September is, despite the rain and the humidity, is the change of weather. You know that within the next...

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How to Work on Making a Better First Impression

We live in a fast-paced social media run era, and at the forefront of that is people’s impression of you. If you take your time adapting to this new age...

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What Is a Pre-Shave Oil?

Pre-shave oils are a term being thrown around everywhere on the Internet these days. Shaving forums, Reddit threads and Facebook posts. Yet nobody truly knows what they are, do they?...

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Different Ways to Style Your Beard

Beards aren’t as much of a trend as they were a couple of years ago, but there are still a few types of folk sporting beards and trying to make...

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All About Essential Oils, and Why You Need Them in Your Life

Essential oils is a term that’s been fluttering about the internet universe a lot lately. And yet there’s a huge question mark around it. We’re here to tell you exactly what they are, and why indeed you absolutely must have them in your life.  

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