3 Things to Do to Work Your Way Up The Corporate Ladder

Apr 24, 18
3 Things to Do to Work Your Way Up The Corporate Ladder

Learning how to be valuable in your work environment is an underrated skill.

Too many offices are filled with surplus employees that see their work as nothing more than a job. It’s a way for people to pass time under the illusion that they’re part of something bigger.

True value is hard to come by today.

Learning how to build and provide value can thus be key to how far you progress in your job and personal life.

Do The Work

This one is so painfully obvious that it should feel like a slap across your face.

Once people have fallen into a pattern at work, it’s almost impossible for them to snap out of it until someone drags them out, or until they hit a brick wall themselves and reality is there to greet them with a cheeky smile.

These patterns can often deceive people into believing that they work hard and that they are invaluable to the company, but an objective view of your situation should show you that you are just as expendable as anyone else.

Mitigate the possibility of a pink slip by working hard everyday. Skip that 1-hour lunch break and replace it with a 15 minute one. Instead of joining your colleague for a juice or a coffee downstairs, spend that time at your desk, working a little bit extra. 

You will be surprised how far that goes in the eyes of your superior. 

Take on More Than Necessary

This cannot be done without first being on top of your already existing work.

But once you start taking care of your work with determination and aggression, you will realize that you will most likely start to learn that you don’t really have as much on your plate as you thought.

You’ve become more efficient with your time, which has freed up a lot for you to take on more work.

But the action of going up to your superior and asking them for more work is the hard bit because it makes people uncomfortable.

Fight the voice in your head telling you that you’ve done enough. When you see a moment, go up to them and ask them if there's anything more you can do. 

By doing this, you're making yourself important to the company by taking more responsibility on, and your bosses will start to trust you more. 

Don’t Isolate Yourself 

This can be quite confusing at first. Aren’t you supposed to be competing against your colleagues?

Yes and no.

If you go in with the mindset that everyone around you is your enemy you’re quickly going to isolate yourself from everyone, and there will be consequences to that.

Instead, establish a good rapport with everyone.

Make sure you’re pleasant and friendly with the people around you, and let down your guard to let people in when you have the opportunity.

Genuine compassion and concern for your colleagues are two key qualities that help build a great leader.

Starting early on can help you practice that habit and master the art of it.


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