How to Work on Making a Better First Impression

Apr 19, 18
How to Work on Making a Better First Impression

We live in a fast-paced social media run era, and at the forefront of that is people’s impression of you. If you don't take time adapting to this new age you will find that you’re going to soon be left behind.

Leave the debating to others – you need to focus on yourself. At the forefront of developing your personality is working on your first impression.

The Science Behind First Impressions

There are numerous surveys and studies conducted over the past few years that clearly indicate just how important first impressions can be.

The studies showed accurate predictions through many different walks of life – from what kind of faces are more likely to get elected to public office to what kind of faces could potentially receive harsher judicial sentences.

People who are born attractive are always likely to find things handed to them a lot easier.

It’s the world we live in today, but it’s also human behavior.

We cannot change what’s been engrained in us throughout evolution, so we might as well accept this fact.

However, there are plenty of things that can be done with what you’ve got.

Visualize These Scenarios

Picture this – you’re interviewing someone for a job; they walk in with a disheveled haircut, scraggly beard, shirt untucked and shoulders hunched forward.

Unless they are an absolute Albert Einstein-level genius, it’s highly unlikely that you would want to hire that person.

The impression they give off is that they couldn’t be bothered, and don’t respect the interview enough to clean up their act.

On the flipside, the next candidate you interview comes in standing tall, with a clean haircut, a light stubble and a welcoming smile. He shakes your hand with poise and his overall body language indicates that he is very interested in the job.

It’s no surprise that the job is probably going to him. 

Developing Your First Impression

One of the biggest factors that can make or break a first impression is confidence. If you’re someone who lacks self-confidence, don’t fret. There’s plenty of things you can do to help improve your self esteem.

Start by working on incorporating positive habits into your lifestyle.

The gym can be a huge factor in your decisiveness and overall state of your mental health.

Start working on smaller things in your life that you have total control over. Making your bed when you wake up in the morning, shaving, eating correctly – cultivating these habits early on can help create long-lasting effects on your body and psyche.

Acceptance of who you are is the key to developing a good first impression. Once you do that, work on yourself more and you’ll start noticing that the world’s a lot nicer than you thought it was.


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