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How Activated Charcoal keeps your skin clear and fresh

How Activated Charcoal keeps your skin clear and fresh

By now you should already know how versatile activated charcoal can be for your health, and just how beneficial it can truly be on your skin.

We’re here to teach you the mechanism behind it, and why it has had such a profound impact on the grooming industry today. 

Read on below.

Anti-toxic properties 

The mechanism behind activated charcoal is pretty simple actually. Besides the fact that it is easy to access, and has literally been used since the medieval times to cure toxicity in the body, activated charcoal’s versatility was discovered very recently. 

People have begun incorporating it as a part of their beauty and skincare routine. The same mechanism that makes it a very acceptable antidote to poison and toxins has makes it essential for skincare.

When it comes to poisonous substances, activated charcoal has been shown to absorb over 40% of it if taken as an antidote. This makes it one of the most powerful agents when it comes to taking care of toxicity. Similarly, when products with activated charcoal are used for skin or haircare, the ingredient works in almost the exact same way.

Activated charcoal binds and absorbs chemicals together, which help clear out your face. Obviously the mechanism differs from charcoal blocks that are used to heat up barbecues.

Activated charcoal vs. Charcoal blocks

The biggest difference between the two is and the key word is ‘activated.’ When charcoal has been ‘activated,’ the particle size reduces to a very fine size. This increases the overall surface area and allows it to sink into small pores on the face and body. 

This is one of the key reasons why they’re so effective as face washes and peel off masks.

Activated charcoal draws bacteria, chemicals, dirt and other micro-particles that aren’t normally absorbed through a cursory wash of your face. Additionally, the fact that activated charcoal isn't metabolized or absorbed into your body means that it is in no way harmful to you, and poses absolutely no side effect besides beautiful complexion.

Effect on pores

One of the big reasons people tend to look older than they actually are, or more tired is due to their pore size. When dust particles and other micro bacteria get stuck within your pores, your body opens the pores up to try and get rid of them.

The problem is, if you're constantly being exposed to dust and other impurities because of pollution or general lack of skincare, your pores can remain open for an extended period of time, which thus leads to the aged look.

Using a face wash or peel off mask to scrub out your face leads to your pores softening and reducing in size eventually, and giving your face back it’s youthful, exuberant look.

So help yourself to some activated charcoal products before it’s too late.

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