4 more major benefits of activated charcoal

Nov 30, 18
4 more major benefits of activated charcoal

We’ve already covered some important benefits activated charcoal can have on your skin. Besides the profound effects it can have on acne, the ability to combine well with essential oils and the fact that activated charcoal provides benefit to every type of skin, there’s actually a lot more to it.

We’ve barely begun to scratch the surface, so here are 4 more benefits of activated charcoal.


With activated charcoal, you can exfoliate your skin without putting yourself through the painful and tedious process of actual exfoliation.

That’s where activated charcoal comes in. When using products that contain activated charcoal, the hard work is done for you. So just apply that face wash, wait a few minutes and then wash it off and you’d be surprised at how different you feel.

Clears out blackheads

The use of activated charcoal can help remove blackheads, and also prevent them from cropping up again. Peel off masks with activated charcoal have been proven to have these effects on your skin.

Detoxifies Skin

Products with activated charcoal also help detoxify your skin. Think about it, face washes are meant to remove dust particles and any impurities that have settled on your face and hair through the course of the day.

Activated charcoal, however, has the added benefit of genuinely detoxifying your skin. Activated charcoal was first used as an anti-toxin and is antidote list on the American Food and Drug Administration with regard to acute poisoning.

It has similar effects on toxins that settle on your face that normal face products don’t really deal with.

Balances out skin

If you have dry skin, using a face wash or peel off masks with activated charcoal can help balance it out. It won’t make your skin oilier, no, but it will reset the naturally occurring process of your body.

In essence, it will allow your face to start producing natural oils in a more regular fashion. 

Similarly, if your skin is extremely oily, the activated charcoal will help suck out any excess oil.


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