What is a moustache wax?

Dec 25, 18
What is a moustache wax?

You ever look at a picture of a Rajasthani Sultan and think to yourself, damn I wish I had that facial hair?

The natural curl of the moustache, the thickness of the beard, the thoroughbred masculine look of someone everyone takes seriously. Instead you look at yourself – patchy beard, disconnected heavy moustache – a disappointment.

Luckily for you there’s a way you can achieve what you need to with the help of wax.

Natural Growth

To begin with, before you even think of actually using a wax, you need to make sure there’s enough meat above your upper lip for the wax to cling on to. There needs to be a decent amount of hair for the wax to actually do its job.

Let your moustache hair grow out naturally for about 2-3 months before you even begin to use your wax. You can still try it out, get a feel for it, figure out how much is optimal, the kinds of styles you like etc, but do that within the comfort of your own home to begin with.

Luckily, if you had done some forward planning, you should be well on your way to full grown moustache after Movember last month.

Wax vs. Gel

Sometimes a common misconception about wax is that it has the same effect as gel or pomade. Both the latter products are used to style the hair on your head rather than your face, but wax in particular has more versatility in that it allows you to switch up your style based on your convenience.

Wax, when applied doesn’t harden the way gels do. They remain malleable, which allows you to mess around with it until you're truly satisfied with the result.

During your growth period, you can ‘train’ your moustache. When you first begin to mess around with the wax, your hair may not stay in the position you want it to. This is normal, it goes against the grain if you will. It’s not the natural growth movement, and thus might require some time for your hair to become less hard and more malleable.

Knowing your wax

Like everything else you apply on your body, you need to make sure that there can be no lasting side effects. As always, we’ve got you covered. Like all of our other products, our wax is made from 100% natural products and includes some essential oils that will help nourish your hair and promote normal healthy growth of your hair.

There’s no reason to think twice about it anymore. It’s always better to be adventurous, so go ahead and try some on.





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