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The key differences between cold and hot showers

by Aman Sridhar 29 Apr 2019 0 Comments

Hey guys! We’re back with another episode of everyone’s favourite show “fun and informative times with Spruce Shave Club.” Cue the pre-recorded sound of children cheering.

On today’s episode we’re talking cold and hot showers, and what’s the difference between the two is. Oooooooo!

Sorry, I’ll stop. It’s hard not to get carried away with your own self-amusement sometimes.

Cold showers or hot showers. It’s a debate that has stood the testament of time, it’s as old as the earth itself. There are rumours that the evolution of the early human was determined by which kind of water one bathed themselves with.

^ that’s not true, by the way, please don’t fact-check that. It is a very polarizing debate, though. There are some mad folk who swear by hot showers even in the summer, and there are some equally mad ones who swear by cold showers, even in the winter. I’ve been the latter before…

Let’s begin with hot ones.

Hot Showers

Hot showers play a very underrated and important part in loosening up your muscles. If you spend your day at a desk like the majority of us do, and you’re not trendy enough to build a standing desk for yourself, you’re more than likely to be struggling with some muscle soreness, especially in the body’s most important region – the back.

The hot water helps loosen up these muscles and relieve any pain and discomfort. If you have a shower with decent water pressure, a hot shower is like giving yourself a mini massage. Your knots will open up with ease, as will your sinuses. It’s hard not to fall sick in a polluted, bustling city. Pollutants in the air that are ingested daily undoubtedly have an effect on your immunity, so much so that most of us walk around with a blocked nose or a slight cold the majority of the day.

A hot shower is a miracle cleanse for our nose and lungs. The steam acts as a decompression agent and slithers it’s way into every nook and cranny of your body, easing any congestion.

Most importantly, if you time your showers well, you can consistently get the best sleep of your life every night. Hot showers increase your surface body temperature, this much is obvious. The above factors combined with the increase in your body temp is why you feel all your stresses drain away. But your core body temperature drops off like a cliff when you step outside the bath. It’s paradoxical, but hot showers make you feel colder. And coolness is great for sleep. If your hands and feet are cold, you fall asleep faster. Hot showers aid in this.

Cold Showers

Cold ones almost work exactly opposite as hot ones, but not entirely. You want to wake up minty fresh in the morning before work? Have a cold shower. You want to ensure your long-term immunity stays intact and reduce your chances of falling sick? Have a cold shower. You want to improve your skin and hair? Have a cold shower. Do you want to improve your blood circulation, muscle recovery, mental toughness, levels of discipline and alertness? Have a cold…you get the point. I lost myself channeling my inner Jordan Belfort.

Cold showers work wonders too if you want to lose weight. As your body temperature drops, your body has to burn more to maintain an optimal body temperature. That means, your body burns more calories, friend. Guess what, there’s been a cheat code to weight loss for millions of years that no fitness company will tell you, because hey, it’s free.

The benefits cold ones can have on your mental health is so understated it baffles me. We’re living in an age where our generation is riddled with mental illness. It’s something every one has gone through, and is something I feel really strongly about because it’s arguably the most important hurdle our generation will face. Generally speaking, along with simple external things like exercising, goal setting and eating healthy, cold showers can play a vital role in fighting depression.


There’s obvious benefits to both. If you're someone with a bit of time, a cold shower in the morning and a hot one at night is ideal. I personally like to start my showers lukewarm (I can’t really do hot in this heat) and end it in frigid water. To me, this optimizes the benefits of both, and I save a lot of time.

Leave a comment as to what your preference is.

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