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The Ketogenic Diet – Is it for you?

by Aman Sridhar 25 Jun 2019 0 Comments

Yes, we’ve finally got there. The world has been experimenting around with this enigmatic, new diet that is known to be a game changer, a weight-loss cheat code, a “diet hack,” call it whatever the hell you want.

And while the world has finally caught on to the hype, this writer can tell you exactly what it’s about, and if it’s really worth all the pain? Why should you trust me, you ask? Well in a nutshell, you shouldn’t take my word for gospel (duh), but I can tell you that way before every online magazine and youtuber caught onto the diet for clicks and views, I – the messiah that I am - tried incorporating this diet into my life, and I’m here to share my results.


The Big Problem with Diets

Trends come and go, they hang around for a period where everywhere you look that’s all you see until they eventually fade away into nothingness. But you can be certain that a few years down the line, you will invariably see it recycled, rehashed and reproduced in some form or another by some other messianic genius.

The problem with diets that so many people don’t tend to realize is that most of them aren’t sustainable.

Weight loss, fitness, diets, muscle gain, whatever you want to call it are all meant to be incorporated into your life for the long term. You can’t expect to do it for a period of 3-4 months, see some small change in your body and weight and then revert back to your old habits. That is a recipe for disaster. Most diets (no carb, low calorie, and now the keto) tend to be extremely unsustainable for the general population.


Because these diets require a lot of devotion. You need to commit to it, invest a lot of time in it. Time is the most valuable commodity that we have today, and most of us tend to not have enough of it. I remember, despite being a jobless college student with every kind of food available to me, I struggled through the keto diet. Salads, chicken, steak, olive oil and butter. If you’re trying to save up on money and do this diet, good luck. It’s extremely hard.

The Ketogenic diet is no different than plenty others: it's hard to implement, tough to sustain, and not so light on your wallet. 

The Convenience Factor

Most of us work day jobs, which leaves us drained and tired by the end of the day. Staying ‘on,’ focusing on what you put in to your body when you get home after a long, tiring day isn't easy. It’s not convenient. If you're on the Keto diet and you live alone, it most likely means that you'll be forced into cooking your own food. Personally, I find cooking very cathartic, but it’s inconvenient to most. 

Sticking with the Keto is going to require an iron discipline and a ridiculous willpower that most people don’t tend to have.


The Results 

If you’ve made it through that, and you're still willing to try it, I congratulate you. It means that you’ve got the base foundation set. You're willing to do whatever it takes to get results.

But what is the result you want?

Weight loss?. Keto works. Muscle gain? Keto Works. Anything your heart desires? Keto may work.

The thing is, weight loss is a lot simpler than people think. It only requires minor modifications to your diet, with a mindset that’s willing to accept the pain that comes with it. The Keto diet, as you should know by now, isn't that. It's a major adjustment to what you're already eating, but if you successfully make that transition, you will drop weight, and you will physically and mentally feel a whole lot better 

Give it a try if you feel like you can put up with the struggle. Leave a comment on your thoughts on the Keto diet, and how it has affected you


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