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The Secret Dieting Supplement – Intermittent Fasting

by Aman Sridhar 26 Jun 2019 0 Comments

I don’t know if you’ve noticed this, but most of what we do today, is worry about when we eat our next meal. How silly is that? We’re eating breakfast, but having a conversation about when we should eat lunch, and more worryingly what we should be eating?

Painful, unnecessary and absolutely hilarious.

There’s something to truly being present at meals. Studies have showed how families that eat meals together tend to build closer bonds. Food is a great connector, helping people who’ve known each other all their lives and people with completely different, diverse backgrounds build bonds over something they share over a table.

But eating food, or worse, planning what we should eat, shouldn't rule our lives. 

Enter Intermittent Fasting

Remember how when you were a child you were taught to believe that breakfast is the most important meal of the day?

That’s false.

No point beating around the bush here, but that little piece of trivia that has burrowed its way into your subconscious, is absolute bull****. Sorry, moms of the world.

The research associated with fasting is picking up pace in the science and fitness worlds. Why? Because the proof is in the pudding. Fasting not only has tremendous effects on weight loss and the changing of your body consumption, but also on the overall well-being of your body, immunity, and mental health. 

Yes, every thing listed above is true. Don’t just take my word for it, however. It’s imperative that before you implement anything into your life, you do some of your own reading on it.

A simplified explanation of what intermittent fasting is this: instead of eating 3 meals a day combined with multiple snack times, you eat during a designated time period. Ideally, you eat only 2 meals a day and cut out major snacking. But if not, you simply skip breakfast or dinner, and plan your schedule around that.

The Convenience Factor

One of the major benefits of this form of dieting is that it allows you to plan your meals around your work schedule a lot easier. Rather than waking up and worrying about what you're going to eat immediately, you can just carry on with your day, save a lot of time preparing and hurriedly shoving down that piece of toast before rushing out the door, arriving in office and allowing your mind to settle on another train of thought dealing with food.

You learn to listen to your body a lot better, eat only when you feel hungry, and if you do need to snack, then doing so in limited amounts. Intermittent fasting allows you to savour the foods you eat, dedicating your time and energy to two sufficient, nutrient-dense meals a day. Additionally, you could reserve a little bit at the end of the night for your favourite desert, and go to sleep guilt-free, knowing that nothing you've put in your body today is going to affect your diet. 

How you can do it 

An easy baseline to start intermittent fasting with is by setting yourself a window within which you can eat. For the first month, give yourself 12 hours where you can eat, and 12 where you can’t. This is fairly straightforward.

If you skip the traditional breakfast time, and eat your meals at lunch and dinner time, then your sleep will help ease the fasting period. So you eat your meals between 10am and 10pm, and fast from 10pm to 10am. Try this out for a month, and then increase your fasting window to 14 hours and finally 16 hours.

You will undoubtedly see the benefits of it, and will be shocked at how much of a drastic effect intermittent fasting can have on your life. Stay tuned for another piece where I break down what exactly your body goes through when you're in a fasted state.


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