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How to Maintain Healthy Hair During the Winters

by Aman Sridhar 16 Jan 2018 0 Comments

Winters tend to create more joy than misery, despite the relative greyness around us.

But there also tends to be a large number of complications that if ignored can lead to long term health problems.

Men’s hair tends to be the most neglected part ofgrooming as is, but in the winters when a combination of laziness and lack of motivation sets in, we tend to avoid baths multiple days of the week, our hair can start deteriorating at a much faster rate.

Now before you let the panic set in, in fear of balding earlier than you predicted, there’s very easy and cost effective solutions for you.

Moisturize Your Hair

Moisturizing in this context doesn’t mean lathering some body lotion on, no.

Winters tend to lead to dryer scalps and flakier hair.

If this problem persists, it could lead to many smaller issues like hair fall, split ends, dandruff and skin dehydration.

To avoid this problem, all you have to do is wash your hair once every couple of days with a nice organic, nourishing shampoo.

So, let’s say that you only have a bath 4 days a week during the winters, you still get the chance to give your hair the right amount of nutrients on those four days.

Take advantage of it, and wash and massage your hair with some shampoo 2-3 times a week and you should be golden.

Replenishing Hair Growth

This problem tends to affect people with medium to longer hair, but it’s important for everyone to know what you could do to make sure your hair is growing properly.

Bad health to your hair can lead to stunted growth from the roots, which in the long run will definitely affect hair loss.

By maintaining good habits around the treatment of your hair, especially during the winters, you can make sure that this problem stays miles clear of you.

For starters do what’s already been mentioned above. Oiling your hair once a week with some castor or coconut oil is extremely beneficial for you.

An easy way for you to also make sure your hair is smooth at the roots, is by brushing it all the way through at least twice a day – once in the morning and once before going to sleep. This frees up any loose hairs and allows a smoother, less blocked growth.

Dry and Dull Hair 

Dry and dull hair is another symptom of the winters, and is another easily combatable problem. Conditioners play a key role in this fight against dullness. A good leave in conditioner should be used every time you’ve applied shampoo.

Leave in conditioners are ideal, as they help retain moisture more than regular ones do, but a regular conditioner works well.

It’s essential you use one though.

The lack of moisture in the air around you during the winters will take that natural shine away from your hair. Conditioners will help you maintain enough natural moisture that your hair looks good.


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