3 Tips to Improve Efficiency in the Mornings

Jan 11, 18
3 Tips to Improve Efficiency in the Mornings

Whether it’s a night of partying or a good movie that put you to sleep the night before, getting out of bed no matter how long you have slept is a bloody struggle.

Especially in the winters.

Add to the fact that you have no other choice but to get up; that office desk beckons.

So here’s a few things you can do that will help you speed up your morning routine. 

Shower Cold

This is a hard one. But it’s probably the best thing for you.

Cold showers are amazing for your skin and hair, and also help you with waking up, which is something you really need.

Problem is, these things are bloody hard to do in the winters.

Time your showers. Start warm, and ease into it, but right before you get out, turn the knob to cold and stand there for 20 seconds and wait for the magic to happen.

Cut Out Morning Showers

If you’re feeling too overwhelmed by the idea of showering cold first thing in the morning, that’s understandable.

Instead just avoid the problem completely. Shower at night.

If your job requires you to be clean shaven, use your late night hot shower as a precursor to your shave.

You can take your sweet time with it, not worry about any cuts and burns, and exfoliate that sweet skin of yours.

Nighttime showers can also be a huge stress relief.

Throw on a podcast or your favourite album on a speaker and enjoy your time in that bath.

Trim that Top

Winters are cold yes. And having a thick head of hair can warm up your body.

But it’s interesting to note that if you want to shave off time from your morning bustle, shave your head.

Or maybe don’t go all the way bald, but cutting it short can trim out the time needed to maintaining a thick head of hair.

Think of the amount of hours you must have accumulated between drying your hair, applying that product and then painstakingly styling it.

Avoid the problem altogether by going shorter. 


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