4 Simple Ways You Can Become a Better Man

Jan 09, 18
4 Simple Ways You Can Become a Better Man

The modern day is run by social media.

We’re constantly being influenced by things we read online and so the rite of passage that allowed boys to become men in the early days doesn’t exist anymore.

There’s still things you can do – habits you can develop now that will allow you to grow into the man you need to be.

So ironically, here’s something else on the internet that will influence your actions into becoming a better man.

Actions, Not Words

Let your actions do the talking. It’s important, especially today that your actions align directly with your intentions.

It’s very easy these days to say one thing and not do anything.

Snapchat, Facebook, Instagram and the number of other social media channels can easily give people the illusion that you have a spectacular life.

But it’s one thing fooling others – sooner or later you’re going to start fooling yourself.

If you let your actions determine your life rather than your words, there’s a higher chance you’re going to end up feeling happier, and actually living the life you want to live.

Be Decisive

The decisiveness in this situation is about who you are.

It’s okay to explore and experiment various different things when you’re trying to find out more about yourself and what you want, but when all your instincts start to scream at you that working as a financial manager is the right path for you, listen to it.

Being decisive can also be as simple as knowing what kind of fashion suits you.

So make sure you know that you’re the clean shaven guy, or a five o clock shadow guy and stick with that so that you don’t end up growing a patchy, less than impressive, whiskers hanging out kind of beard.

Financial Freedom

This is arguably the most important point on this list.

Financial freedom is key to living a successful life, and part of being a better man to yourself and those around you is making sure you’ve sorted yourself out well enough.

This means you won’t have to worry about borrowing from your parents or worse, your friends.

The sense of ease you will feel when you know that you don’t have to worry about your next meal, or more importantly that next pint of beer is a feeling that can’t be matched.

Start working on your finances now. Savings are important, but so is creating a system that will allow for total financial freedom in a few years. Figure out what that is now.

Don’t Hide Your Feelings 

Another key indicator of whether you’re a man or still a boy is how in touch you are with your emotions.

There’s plenty of crude ways to put this, but I’ll keep it simple – if you like her, tell her. It’s that easy.

There’s absolutely no point beating around the bush.

Also, if you’re leading the life you want to lead you probably won’t have any time at all for playing games.

This means you won’t have any time for bulls***.

Instead of doing the snake-like thing of befriending the girl in the hopes the eventually you might start dating her, just be honest and open with her from the start.

Chances are if she doesn’t reciprocate your interest, she’ll at least respect you.


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