The Perfect Men’s Monsoon Style Guide

Aug 29, 17
The Perfect Men’s Monsoon Style Guide

Monsoons can be tricky to deal with. It brings the temperatures down, but leaves you feeling all sticky and gross.


It can also lead you to take a rain check (no pun intended) on the style department, and so you end up slacking through the season waiting and hoping winter rolls around the corner soon.


But have no fear, because we’ve got the simple few tricks that can help you take your style up to a whole different level.


#1 –

Start by doing the sensible thing and buying some outerwear. I know what you’re probably thinking – “this is India, there’s never a reason for outerwear unless it’s the winters.”


Hear me out though.


When I say outerwear, I don’t mean wear an overcoat and three layers of sweaters. Wear a thin rain jacket or trench coat. Trench coats are obviously the classier option and can literally be worn over anything. So whether you’re on you’re way to work or to the classiest nightclub in your city, a trench coat will suit your fancy.


#2 –

The days of raincoats are pretty much in the past. While they can be practical and useful, they offer very little use during times other than rain so instead do yourself a favour and snag a nice track or rain jacket from your closest sports shop (hint: Adidas or Nike).


Not only are track jackets absolutely timeless in style, they’re also practically quite useful and can be worn across seasons including the winter.


#3 –

Shoes are more often than not the defining factor when it comes to making an outfit so just because it’s raining doesn’t mean you can take it easy there either.


Full length rubber boots are a bit much so stick to the usual Chukkas and Chelsea boots. Step into any of your Zaras and H&Ms and you can pick up a handy pair of rubber shoes that can see you through the rain season.


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