Clothes that will make you look hotter than the Indian summer

A new season brings a whole new fashion trend in with it. For you to stay on top of your grooming and fashion game it’s important that you take note of what’s hot and what’s not.

Applying these simple tweaks to your wardrobe can change up your style game and make you the celebrity on the street.

Throw Out Your Flip Flops

Look, you’re no longer a 17-year-old who thinks wearing flip flops and pajamas everywhere makes you a hippie.

You have (sensibly) realized that all that does is make you look like you haven’t had a house to live in (ever), and have rummaged through the back alley you sleep in and picked up the only things that could sort of fit you.

There’s a much better option for you – Espadrilles.

I know they sound fancy, but really they’re just an upgrade on loafers.

And before you jump to any conclusions about how much lighter this is going to make your wallet feel, you have to understand that in this day and age, shopping smart is the way to go.

So maybe hold off on Armani until you can actually afford them and just go cheaper. They will provide you the exact same benefits, and will add the same amount of class to your wardrobe.

Go Lighter

I mean this on every level.

Start by switching up your polyester clothes for light fabric like linen or just plain cotton.

Once you’ve done that, make sure you’re looking lighter on the colour end of the spectrum as well.

Whites, yellows, pinks and reds are the way to go. If these seem to flamboyant for you, stick to neutral colours.

White sneakers were THE thing last year, and they’re still around this year. Grab yourself a pair.

Experiment With Your Style

Summers give you the option to try out different things. It’s always good to test whatever ideas you have during these when the theme around you is along the lines of “less is more.”

So in keeping with that idea, gravitate towards a more minimalistic style.

Chinos are not as “out there” as khakis, and don’t cause the inside of your pants to drain water like a broken sewage system much like jeans do.

Chinos are the perfect balance of classy and comfortable.

Add a clean, sensible and sharp watch to the mix and you’re golden. 

It’s hard to go wrong with style during the summers. Using the tips above for your gain can make sure you stand out of the crowd.

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