The differences between body washes and soaps

May 23, 19
The differences between body washes and soaps

We’re back from a short, well-earned hiatus. Sandy beaches, pink cocktails with umbrellas in them and time to reflect on all the morally ambiguous decisions I’ve made in my 25 years of existence.

But fear not, I’m here to inform, educate and advise…because that’s what the audience deserves and demands.

Today, we’re talking body washes, and soaps. Just like the single-blade razor vs. the multi-blade one; hot showers vs. cold showers, this topic deserves a solid two paragraphs of content.

Bar Soaps

You would think an article that has the word bar in it is one that tells you which cocktail to try, what the buzz of that specific alcohol feels like and how you can feel so much better about yourself when you introduce your friends to said drink.

But you know what, soaps are just as important.

Most of us grew up using bar soaps. The cleansing tool so friendly on your skin that makes you the bell of the ball and the centre of all your friends’ envy.

Bar soaps do have their merits, of course. The variations in types of bar soaps help people with different skin adapt easier.

But bar soaps generally lack the versatility that body washes do.


Body Washes

The thing about body washes these days is that they’re chemical make up is changing. People are moving to more organically produced products and the fact that body washes are more convenient and more mobile means that the market for it is larger.

Body washes tend to be better moisturizers for the skin than bar soaps. They’re more hydrating for the skin and considering their thinner texture, they’re much better for folks who are stuck in tropical, warm climate zones. 

Most of us are, so most of us benefit much more from a good quality body wash that’s made with natural ingredients.

Additionally, the versatility you can get from body washes cannot be matched. There’s body washes for exfoliation, for acne, for specific skin conditions – sensitive, dry, moist, - and generally they’re more tuned to a person’s specific needs than bar soaps.



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