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The best summer hairstyles for you

The best summer hairstyles for you

Don’t you just love the summer? Depending on which part of the country you reside in, you’re either baking in desert-like heat, stepping out of your house is the equivalent of walking right into an oven, or you're drenching yourself in sweat the moment you step out of the shower.

There’s obviously things you can do to cool yourself faster in the dangerous summer heat. One of the most underrated steps to take besides investing in the right products, is investing in the right kind of haircut.

Here are some of the best summer hairstyles for you.

The Crew Cut

A staple haircut for men that’s spans generations. The crew cut is a flexible hairstyle – whether it’s the army style, shaved sides with a bit of a mop on top or a close shave all the way around, the crew cut is one of those hairstyles that’s been around for decades because of it’s versatility and convenience.

It’s low maintenance, which means you literally have to do nothing to take care of it. Obviously, general scalp health is a necessity, using shampoos sporadically, and regularly using conditioners. But in terms of styling it, you need close to no work. Check out this article to understand the different types of crew cuts, choose one you like the best and take it to your barber.

Crew cuts are also easy to do. Even a rookie barber knows what he’s doing, and can be trusted to do a good job if you ask him for a cut like this. Crew cuts were the typical hard-man cut of the 1980s football hooligan era. Luckily for you, you don’t need to be part of a football mob that travels around looking for fights to pull this off. It’s a simple, low maintenance cut that can save you time and precious beads of sweat in the summer.

The Fade

There’s a billion different ways to get a fade. You could get the mop on top with a connected fade on the sides, the undercut, the pompadour.

The problem with these types of cuts, however, is that if it’s not done right, it can look terrible. Trust me, I’ve been there. You don’t want to be walking around with a fade that’s done badly.

A lot of times, unless you go for the specifics with a barber you trust, you will have to taper your expectations. Barber today (for some odd reason) don’t like being told what to do; yes you pay them, but they believe they no better.


So if you're going for a fade, only go for it with someone you really trust to do the right job. Usually, that involves a very highly skilled barber, which in turn means parting with a good chunk of cash.


If you’re willing to do that then you have a vast array of hairstyles you can choose from. The fade has a lot of variety in its style, and is more often than not suited to every type of face. A solid choice for the summer. 

The Side Part

The side part is another staple, but instead of going for the modern, disconnected side part, or the semi-shaved part, go for the classic one.

Think George Clooney; yes, you may not have the man’s impeccable good looks and suave, but you could at least have his hair…sort of.

The part is another very easy hair style to get. You don’t need to ask your barber for much or give him much instruction (which he’ll probably be happy about). You just need to tell him how short or long you want your hair to be, after which, if he’s even somewhat decent, he should be able to give you exactly the cut you need.

More often than not these parts are cut in the way your hair naturally grows anyway, and like the aforementioned crew cut, doesn’t take much effort to style.


A simple, summer side part to keep you fresh and professional.


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