The Case for the Beanie

Jan 02, 18
The Case for the Beanie

Winter is here.

And for the brief period of time us Indians are lucky enough to have weather that is somewhat bearable, we have to take as much advantage of it as possible.

Stylistically, winters give you the chance to let the chains drop and experiment.

The more layers of clothes you put on, the more layers of colour you get to add, allowing you to diversify from your usual t-shirts and shorts.

An essential, and underrepresented piece of clothing

I’m here to tell you that one thing that needs to be added to your winter arsenal is the beanie.

Beanies are a must because not only do they keep your ears warm in the biting cold that are Indian winters, they help add swagger to your outfit.

Beanies are a fairly underused fashion garment, which is baffling considering their utility.

They can keep you snug during a dark night, but also add a degree of dynamism to your outfit. Adding a couple of diverse beanies to your closet will put you a couple of feet above the rest of your peers.

I don’t know if it’s just me, but winters also happen to be a time when there’s so many reasons to party.

Besides all the festivities that occur towards the end of the year, I know I can’t be the only one that has a number of friends turning a year older in the winters.

Winter weeks tend to be packed with social events. Use this to test out different looks.

Add that to the fact that there’s Diwali, Christmas and New Years, and your entire winter season is pretty stacked.

Use these big and small events to test out your style. Wear that brightly coloured beanie with black pants and red sweater and see how all eyes suddenly just converge on you.

Lucky for you, beanies are widely available at pretty much every little retail store near you.

Experiment with the colours, and try out a few different styles of beanies to see what suits your head and jawline the best, after which you’re pretty much set.

Don’t let this winter be another one that sucks you into it’s cold, hazy mood.

It’s time for you to step out of the wintery darkness and reclaim that spotlight. Allow yourself to be propelled forward by the beanie and into the limelight where you belong.


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