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Our Guide to Accessorizing the Correct Way

Our Guide to Accessorizing the Correct Way

A big part of creating the perfect look is knowing how to accessorize well.

I’m talking rings, bracelets and chains. They’re a very important part of completing your wardrobe.

So we’ve put together the easiest way for you to accessorize and improve your style.


Watches have always been a staple part of a man’s wardrobe.

They tend to act as a symbol that you’re no longer a boy, you’ve now graduated to a man. 

But an important thing to realize is how important watches are in reflecting your own personality.

If you’re big on fashion and spend time browsing the fancy suit shop quite often then you’re definitely not a black steel strap watch kind of guy.

You should be going for something simple and clean.

But if you fancy yourself as being more of a badass leather jacket, biker type then you might think of a black leather strap watch; or maybe even no watch at all.

Watches are important, but the question you need to ask yourself first is if you’re even the watch kind of guy (I don’t wear one).



Bracelets are now considered as an integral part of the modern man’s outfit. Basically, you’ve got to have one.

I’m not talking Livestrong yellow bands circa 2003. I’m talking modern and classy dark brown beaded bracelets that add a bit of suave to your wrist.

They’re hardly expensive and are an easy way to stand out above the masses. A no brainer, really.


Rings are no longer just a symbol that you’ve been hitched.

They make a statement. You know yourself, and you know how to look good.

But rings are also easy to get wrong. There’s lots of flashy stuff out there today that simply brings attention because of how bad they look. They shine in the sunlight and make you look like a royal prince sent out on exile (and not in a good way).

Luckily for you, there’s many different options. A classic silver ring with no design should be your go to. You need one of those. Make sure they’re wide rather than skinny.

If you’re feeling something slightly edgier, go for a black ring or a silver ring with a black head.

Making these three simple additions to your wardrobe will improve your fashion sense and make you stand well above your peers.


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